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For craftsmen and off-roaders - the tool holder!

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Tool holder for handyman retrofitting Device hooks For handyman and off-roaders the tool holder!

Not only professionals need a meaningful storage in their vehicle, so that the tool is always on board and is always ready to hand for services available. In general, it is recommended to carry important tools in the car as well. But how should the tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches and others, be kept so that they do not constantly spin through the car while driving? Here are some examples of how to keep tools safe and within reach, and how to keep them safe.

Matching tool holder for the car

Tool holder for handyman conversion Device hook 2 e1574920651917 For handyman and off-roaders the tool holder!

In the trade various mounts for the tool are offered in the car. The choice is very large, so the choice of which model to choose is not easy. Ultimately, a decision should be made when it is certain which tool should always be carried in the car. Practical small container boxes are suitable for a comprehensive transport of tools. These can simply be screwed into place in the car. These boxes are equipped with compartments and drawers of every kind. The drawers are equipped with pre-cut inserts, in which the tool rattle can be stored safely and well-ordered. Here the tool can be stored optimally and clearly. So all tools are always with a handle at hand. Somewhat smaller and more compact are tool bags, which are fastened with a binding bracket in or on the vehicle.

Tool holder for handyman conversion Device hook 3 e1574920727145 For handyman and off-roaders the tool holder!

The bag can be removed from the holder with a handle and rolled up. Inside are then the tools that are fixed to buckles. Even fully equipped tool cases, which can be stored with a firmly screwed fixation in the vehicle, are an alternative. Less bulky from the scope are magnetic trays that are simply bolted to the trim in the trunk. Here, the tools can be created very safe and orderly. They do not slip, require very little space and the tool is immediately at hand. At a glance, the required utensils can be quickly removed.

Materials for tool holders

Tool holders for the car are offered in different materials. These include, for example, practical brackets made of hard plastic. This can, for example, boxes are attached. There are also versions made of sturdy steel or stainless steel. Ultimately, the magnetic brackets are made of metal. Of course, a stable version is preferable. Because even the tool has weight. Brackets that are not strong enough can cause a box or a suitcase to suddenly dislodge from the anchorage or break, which can become a dangerous bullet while in motion.

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Tool holder for handyman retrofit Device hooks 4 For tool workers and off-roaders!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 For craftsmen and off-roaders the tool holder!

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