The torque arm - for better driving behavior!

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Torque support Shore value tuning engine gearbox The torque support for better driving behavior!

Your engine and gearbox are rubber-mounted in the chassis. If, on the other hand, they were screwed tight, massive vibrations and noises would be transmitted to the body and thus also to the interior. In conventional vehicles for road use, this would also have the consequence that sooner or later the vibrations will destroy surrounding components or the engine and the transmission itself. At most, this is acceptable for a pure racing car. In a street car, such vibrations not only have a negative impact on the occupants, but also various screw and clip connections like to loosen under permanent vibrations.

Torque support for the engine

Torque support Shore value tuning engine gearbox 2 The torque support for better driving behavior!

If you still do not want to completely prevent the movements of the engine and the transmission, but still want to reduce them, then it is worth installing a torque arm for the engine. As the name suggests, this part supports the engine against the body so that it cannot twist so easily in the engine mounts under load or when changing gears. The result of this is a more direct response, as the force moves faster towards propeller shaft flows, a better shiftability of your transmission, because the mechanics twist less and a sportier driving feel, because your engine, which accounts for a large part of the total weight, has a stronger connection to the rest of the car. The choice of the exact support is always a compromise: As much hardness as necessary and as much connection as possible.

Shore values ​​of 70-90 are common

Torque support Shore value tuning engine gearbox 3 The torque support for better driving behavior!

The elements of such a torque arm are mostly made of plastic, the degree of hardness of which is measured in Shore. The higher the value, the harder. Normal torque arms for the sporty road driver have a Shore value of 70-90. Depending on the model and engine, the support replaces the existing, softer standard part and is simply screwed into place as standard. If your engine does not have a torque arm as standard, there are often universal parts that look like a tailgate damper and are screwed between the block and the dome. No matter which system you choose, after installation you will notice a change immediately, the whole car feels more compact, solid and simply more from a single source, the shiftability of the transmission at high speeds will very likely also have improved.

Entry in the vehicle documents?

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning The torque arm for better driving behavior!

The inspector is probably only interested in such conversions when the HU rattles so much that the inspector can no longer hold his clipboard. Otherwise applies: No plaintiff, no judge. A stronger connection primarily serves traffic safety and the majority of the torque arms come directly with an ABE or an e-mark. If necessary, simply get in touch with an inspector beforehand and discuss the facts and the planned conversion.

Torque arms - summarized again

Purpose and purpose:

  • Less or hardly any motor movements when changing loads
  • Easier shiftability of the transmission
  • Better, sportier driving experience

  • Connection of the engine to the axle / body
  • Replaces the standard part or is installed as an additional support

  • Plastic element, dampens the movements
  • The harder (shore), the less the motor moves, but the more vibrations there are

Alternatives? Harder engine and / or transmission bearings, The effect is basically the same. Novelty: Electrically adjustable motor bearings (Porsche, Audi, Mercedes). These engine mounts are adjusted by the control unit to suit the driving situation. That means that the connection could have been very soft and act as a rigid connection in the next moment, individually according to weight shift, steering angle or driver request (sport button).

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Torque support Shore value tuning engine gearbox 4 e1580363992314 The torque support for better driving behavior!

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Brass brass coating Oxydiren Tuning 5 e1580360672999 310x165 The torque arm for better driving behavior!

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Hei% C3% 9Fscrews compound copper paste copper grease e1580284777582 310x165 The torque arm for better driving behavior!

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Cup holder Can holder drink holder e3 4x1580290392605 The torque arm for better driving behavior!

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Copper rims Copper coating Copper car 310x165 The torque arm for better driving behavior!

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Automatic conversion manual transmission manual transmission 310x165 The torque arm for better driving behavior!

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Hot-dip galvanizing Hot-dip galvanizing Tuning 310x165 The torque arm for better driving behavior!

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