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The tow bar! An alternative to the tow rope?

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Tow bar Vehicle bar Maneuvering bar Tuning The tow bar! An alternative to the tow rope?

A tow bar enables vehicles to be towed at a constant distance. The tow bar is rigid and prevents the vehicle to be towed from colliding. When used correctly, a tow bar is used for safe and controlled towing of motor vehicles.

Tow bar - Difference from the tow rope

Tow bar Vehicle bar Tow rope Tuning e1604601437389 The tow bar! An alternative to the tow rope?

A tow bar enables a controlled towing process in which there is a constant distance between the vehicles involved. When using a tow rope, it can happen that the person behind accidentally drives into the towing vehicle, as the distance is very small and the driver of the defective vehicle cannot see when to brake. The tow bar is made of sturdy materials and is made rigid so that it is prevented from colliding with the vehicle in front.

What do I have to consider when towing?

Tow bar Vehicle bar Tow rope Tuning e1604601640566 The tow bar! An alternative to the tow rope?

Anyone who breaks down their car needs quick help. In many cases the vehicle has to be towed professionally. When towing, there are a few things to consider if a professional breakdown service cannot be used. According to the current road traffic regulations, towing operations by private individuals may only be carried out in an emergency. Every road user, according to the theory, can tow a vehicle if his vehicle is suitable for towing. A tow bar or rope must also be used. If a tow bar is used, the maximum permissible load must be observed. The towing vehicle must not weigh less than the vehicle to be towed.

How does the towing process work with a tow bar?

Usually vehicles own the rear and the front towingto which the tow bar can be attached. When the vehicle is being towed, the ignition lock of the breakdown vehicle must be on level one so that the vehicle can be steered and the steering wheel lock is prevented from engaging. Towing vehicle and breakdown vehicle must come with you Hazard lights drive. A change of direction can be indicated by a hand signal if there is no other way. Towing with a tow bar may only take place at a maximum speed of 50 km / h.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tow bar?

The tow bar enables safe, jolt-free travel during the towing process. The distance between the towing vehicle and the breakdown vehicle always remains the same. The vehicle hook (towing eye) serves as a secure attachment option. The tow bar is robust and unbreakable. Hard metals are used for production. It should be noted that towing using a tow bar cannot be used for every vehicle model. Vehicle manufacturers usually give a recommendation as to whether a tow bar or a tow rope should be used.

A tow bar also has disadvantages. The articles are much more expensive than tow ropes and in the EU must have certain properties and meet defined criteria. Towing with the tow bar requires feeling and experience. The movements of the towing vehicle and the breakdown vehicle must be coordinated. Steering the breakdown and towing vehicles is difficult with a tow bar. There is only a small amount of leeway when steering. Using a tow bar also requires a lot of attention and anticipatory driving. In addition, a tow bar cannot be stowed as compactly as a tow rope.

summarized the most important key points:

  • In theory, anyone can tow any road user if their vehicle is suitable
  • Towing with rope or rod
  • it's easier to tow a car with a rigid rod
  • The driver of the towing vehicle needs a driver's license, which results from the weight of the cars (§ 6 FeV)
  • There are towing eyes at the front and rear for a reliable connection
  • Breakdown vehicle should have the ignition lock on level one
  • The tow rope must not exceed a length of five meters
  • Towing is permitted if the parked car hinders or endangers other road users
  • When towing, the ignition must be on and the vehicle must be in neutral (N)
  • Towing with an automatic transmission or dual clutch transmission over a short distance if possible
  • E-cars can only be towed if the drive can be decoupled from the rotating wheels

Note: A vehicle has to be Towing device have. All information is available in our article "The towing device - mandatory on every vehicle!".

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Tow bar Vehicle bar Maneuvering bar Tuning The tow bar! An alternative to the tow rope?

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