So that the electricity flows on the trailer - the connection adapter!

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Connection adapter trailer adapter 7 to 13 pol. The connection adapter ensures that the electricity flows to the trailer!

Trailer adapters connect the power supply from the trailer and the vehicle. The adapters are usually available in two different sizes for a vehicle. The adapters enable the vehicle user to switch between a 7-pin and a 13-pin socket. The electrical connection is essential in order to provide power to a trailer. Due to the energy supply of the trailer, essential auto functions such as the flashing and driving lights are transferred from the vehicle to the trailer.

for old trailers with 7-pin connector

HP300 HP500 trailer DDR adapter 1 e1603439209752 So that the electricity flows on the trailer, the connection adapter!

A 7-pin connector can often still be found on old trailers. Modern trailers hardly use this outdated connection anymore. In order to supply an old trailer with electricity, adapters for the old trailer hitches are available, which have both connection variants. This means that a 13-pin to 7-pin adapter can be purchased, which enables the old trailer to be connected to a modern vehicle without any problems. The practical adapters are available in many versions and serve as a bridge to ensure the compatibility of the individual components.

Towbar adapter - easy installation

Connection adapter Connect the trailer adapter The connection adapter allows the electricity to flow to the trailer!

Many adapters for the trailer coupling allow easy installation. The adapters only have to be placed on the bayonet catch or on the lid hinge. After the adapter has been put on, it usually has to be turned slightly to the right and thus fixed. If the adapter is completely enclosed by the socket, then the connection is optimal. Before attaching an adapter for the trailer coupling, it is essential to read the operating instructions of the respective manufacturer. A secure power supply must be provided. It is therefore advisable to tighten the trailer adapter as far as it will go so that it does not come loose.

Advantages of adapters for the tow bar?

The adapters offer the possibility of integrating two different-pole sockets. Furthermore, the articles are available in weatherproof versions and can be equipped with additional functions. As a rule, the adapters are suitable for all common towbar sockets. The articles ensure a safe flow of electricity between the towing vehicle and the trailer.

Are there any disadvantages to the adapter?

When buying, you should pay attention to quality so as not to receive a dangerous adapter that might damage the electrics of the trailer or even the vehicle. The adapters should be TÜV-tested and have a corresponding test mark. It is advisable to only purchase items from reputable sources. Older adapters are susceptible to corrosion and should no longer be used. The adapter should never be on the trailer or the vehicle when the trailer is not operating.

Why is a towbar adapter necessary?

Adapter models from 13 to 7 enable 7-pin old trailers to be connected to a modern vehicle. Modern trailers are already equipped with a 13-pin socket and do not need an adapter. If you have an old 7-pin trailer coupling and want to connect a modern trailer, you need a 7 to 13 adapter.

13-pin adapter vs. 7-pin adapter

A 13-pin adapter for the towbar has more functions than a 7-pin adapter. This means that more signals can be transmitted from the vehicle to the trailer. This is important, for example, for modern caravan trailers that have more technology than old trailers. A 13-pin adapter means that not only the reversing light and the turn signal are available. Charging line or permanent plus as well as license plate lighting are also possible. The 7-pin adapter only enables the transmission of basic electrical signals such as driving, the brake light or the indicators.

7-pin socket (ISO 1724)

Overview of the seven-pin socket. The connection adapter allows the electricity to flow to the trailer!
1 / Lleft blinkerYellow
2 / 54Gin NebelschlussleuchBlue
4 / Rright blinkerGreen
5 / 58RRight tail lightBrown
7 / 58LLeft tail lightBlack
Extra connection (optional)
2aAutomatic switch-off / rear fog lightGrey

13-pin socket (ISO 1724)

thirteen poles DIN 11446 So that the electricity flows on the trailer, the connection adapter!
ConnectionfeatureColorWire thickness
1 / Lleft blinkerYellow1 mm
2 / 54Gin NebelschlussleuchBlue1 mm
ZonesMassWhite1,5 mm
4 / Rright blinkerGreen1 mm
5 / 58RTurn signal taillight rightBrown1 mm
Zonesbrake-lightsRed1 mm
7 / 58LLeft tail lightBlack1 mm
8Reversing lightsPink1 mm
9permanent electricityOrange2,5 mm
10Contact switched currentdark gray2,5 mm
11Ground (connection 10)White black2,5 mm
12Trailer identificationLight graydifferent
13Ground (for connection 9)White-red2,5 mm
Extra connection (optional)
14 / 2aAutomatic switch-off rear fog lightGrey

Adapter plug 13-pin, 8-pin or 7-pin

And there are also 8 pin 8P vehicle connectors for trailers and caravans. The plugs often serve as an electrical connection between the vehicle, a Molques or a caravan. The plugs are compatible with 12 V and 24 V voltages. And short adapter sockets from 7-pin to 8-pin are also available.

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