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Advanced tuning: when the car becomes a trailer!

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Semi car trailer car Funhanger conversion tuning for advanced: when the car becomes a trailer!

Have you ever heard of one? trailer car or a fun hanger heard? This is a car that has been converted into a trailer. So a real vehicle that will spend the rest of life as a trailer. Such a conversion / tuning is usually not done for practical reasons, but because of the original appearance. Because such a conversion is usually not as effective and practical as a real trailer. Look for it, it looks cool! The sight of half a car being pulled by another car is surprising and attracts a lot of attention. Often when you drive behind you do not notice that it is not a “normal car”. This often only becomes apparent when the vehicle in front turns. The trailer car can, however, be used to transport additional cargo. But beware The carriage of passengers in trailers is also prohibited if the cars are converted.

Convert a car to a trailer?

Semi-trailer car Funhanger conversion 3 e1575962590462 Tuning for advanced: when the car becomes a trailer!

Of course, it doesn't pay off to convert a new, roadworthy car into a trailer. Scrap-ready vehicles are usually used for this. For example, if you had an accident in which the engine and front of your car were irreparably destroyed, and the repair no longer pays off, but you still don't want to part with the beloved vehicle, the conversion can be a good solution. However, the rear part of the car should still be in good condition so that your trailer is also roadworthy. If you don't have a suitable vehicle, but you still want a cool and unusual trailer, you can buy a suitable car at the junkyard. However, you should get advice from an experienced car mechanic so that you really choose a car that is still in a suitable condition. Or you can contact companies that specialize in such conversions. Because there are also these! In the end, the only decisive factor is the purpose, the project and of course the wallet.

How is the conversion done?

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As an amateur, you shouldn't do the actual conversion yourself. It takes a lot of expertise to use the trailer in traffic. So if you are not a car mechanic yourself, it is best to contact a workshop with appropriately experienced employees. The sequence! The car is first butchered and the cables and wires are cut and largely removed. Then the vehicle is cut completely, usually in the area of ​​the front doors (but there are different options here, depending on the vehicle and trailer requirements). Another important step is the assembly of the draw tube and the mounting for the Trailer hitch, These components must fit perfectly so that the trailer is not later lost while driving. The remaining cables are then connected accordingly so that the lighting at the rear also functions properly.

If desired, the technology is retained

Semi-trailer car Funhanger conversion 5 tuning for advanced: when the car becomes a trailer!

Here you can also use more electrical equipment from the former car in the cabin. But then a separate battery is necessary. The cabin can theoretically also be fully functional (Seat heating, window lift, Ambient lighting, Rear wiper, rear window heating, electric tailgate etc.) from the former donor vehicle, only the whole consumer can NOT be fed via the connection of the trailer coupling. If you have chosen a variant in which the vehicle has been severed at the level of the roof line, the opening created is of course closed again by a sheet metal wall. Here would be an option to install an LCD flat screen and convert the trailer into a rolling cinema. The professionally converted trailer looks in the end as if it had been built in series and never been a normal vehicle.

What do you have to pay attention to when rebuilding?

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS tuning tuning for advanced: when the car becomes a trailer!

So that you can go on the road with your trailer conversion, it must be safe for road traffic. An acceptance by the TÜV must have been carried out to confirm this. To be safe, the trailer must of course not be too heavy for the towing vehicle. It is essential to pay attention to this. This fact is forgotten every now and then. If the trailer is too heavy, but the vehicle is strong enough, it may also be necessary to install a "braked" variant. But then the costs can quickly get out of hand. The trailer must also have functional rear lights that are connected to the towing vehicle so that the brake lights also light up reliably when you brake. The individual acceptance make sure that the pulling device is firmly seated and properly welded. If the trailer car has passed all the tests, you will receive a registration certificate for confirmation, which you must carry with you every time you drive the trailer. For a complete renovation with perfect permission to use, there are many other small details. So it is best to inquire beforehand at companies that have already done exactly that more than once.

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