Cool: tuning shift knobs and gear selector for the car

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Tuning shift knob selector lever gear lever e1559904507676 Cool: Tuning shift knobs and selector lever for the car

There are many ways to customize the interior of a vehicle available. One of these possibilities lies in individual Schaltknäufen or selector levers. And there are almost no limits in terms of color, material, design and manufacturer in this field. Since shift knobs or selector lever are used relatively often, they also use up relatively quickly and that then damages the optics. Then use the opportunity and enhance your interior.

Universal and vehicle-specific gearshift knobs or selector lever

Tuning shift knob selector lever gear lever2 Cool: Tuning shift knobs and selector lever for the car

There are numerous manufacturers of gear knobs and selector lever available. Some manufacturers offer universal shift knobs, others, however, vehicle-specific. For universal gear knobs, additional conditions must be observed. For example, you need shorter shift knobs on vehicles with a reverse lock. Frequently, however, the universal shift knobs come with several adapters and can thus be successfully installed in common vehicles. Sometimes it may happen that another shift boot must be installed or the existing must be adapted to the new shift knob.

it is difficult with the selector levers of the automatic

Tuning shift knob selector lever gear lever3 e1559904567178 Cool: Tuning shift knobs and selector lever for the car

Significantly more complicated is the replacement of an automatic selector lever. Especially with current vehicles, these are sometimes difficult to uninstall and even more difficult is the search for a beautiful specimen from the tuning repertoire. But even here there are some possibilities and so offer tuners such as Rush Customs an upgrade for BMW vehicles from the F30 brings the modern selector lever in the older E90. All in all, the search for an individual automatic selector lever is much more difficult than with a gear knob.

Materials and colors

Tuning shift knob selector lever gear lever4 Cool: Tuning shift knobs and selector lever for the car

Gear shift knobs or selector levers are made of different materials. Chrome, leather and aluminum are the most common materials used. But it may well be that these materials are used in combination. We are happy to use combinations of leather and plastic here. Thus, color combinations, for example of black leather with plastic applications of red or silver-colored plastic and red or gray seams arise. The leather is also available in several variants; for example, nappa leather in perforated black. Anyone looking for a sporty look can fall back on gearshift knobs or selector levers made of anodised aluminum, carbon or brushed steel. These are usually in addition to the classic silver in black and anthracite and with bright logo. Some of the gearshift knobs or selector levers have their logo engraved, others have their logo printed on them. Again, there are no limits. For example, one also obtains shift knobs or selector lever made of wood. One supplier for this is MOMO, which offers gearshift knobs and selector levers made of a combination of mahogany and beech wood.

Special features

Tuning shift knob selector lever gear lever5 e1559904602349 Cool: Tuning shift knobs and selector lever for the car

There are also shift knobs or selector lever for certain applications, such as. Drifting available. Furthermore, there are shift knobs or selector lever which have special properties, such as the adjustment of the shift knob or selector lever in height. Then there are still shift knobs, which have been optimized in terms of grip and thus ensure higher performance. Also exclusive optical properties are available with some shift knobs or selector levers. For example, Sparco offers gearshift knobs or selector levers in which colored routers are available. Also very popular are shift knobs with a lighted shift pattern. The lighting is usually powered by a battery. Alternatively, of course, a connection to the vehicle electronics is possible. Gear shifters are particularly cool which indicate the engaged gear. Again, there are countless variants with partially adjustable LED lights and colors. Everything is possible right up to the heated gear knob.

Provider of individual gearshift knobs and selector levers

As mentioned above, there are a very large number of manufacturers. MOMO and Sparco are among the classic manufacturers of gear shift levers and selector levers. A supplier of vehicle-specific Schaltknäufen is AB Trading. The dealer distributes shift knobs incl. Complete shift gate for VW models. On you get, for example, illuminated gear knobs. We hope you the info report to the term Gear knobs and selector lever from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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