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Turbo Muffler Delete Kit Conversion Tuning Everything to do with Turbo Muffler Delete Kit!

Again and again you bump, especially with vehicles from the VAG group, about the term "Turbo Muffler Delete Kit". In this article we go into the details, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the components, for a better understanding of the subject. A normal consumer will not deal with this topic, but the tuning scene will. What you need for this is a vehicle with a built-in turbo.

Turbo Outlet Muffler Delete
Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe

With the Turbo Muffler Delete Kit, the standard outlet of the turbo compressor is replaced by a less restrictive version replaced. This allows the compressed air to flow better. That means more power and also more sound. The costs for this are limited, but you should always pay attention to quality and not save at the wrong end. A good Turbo Muffler Delete Kit is CNC machined from Aluminium and anodized. Depending on the manufacturer, a one-piece or two-piece and equipped with a seal.

Turbo Muffler Delete Kit APR Everything about the Turbo Muffler Delete Kit!
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Installation: Turbo Muffler Delete Kit

If you don't have two left hands and have a toolbox, you can do the conversion yourself in less than half an hour. We're not talking about a doctoral thesis here, but rather loosening a few screws. You could even say it's very easy. Those who do not trust themselves can leave the installation / conversion to a specialist workshop. However, if you are interested, you are welcome to research the topic yourself and enter the following search terms: Muffler Delete Pipe, Muffler Delete, Auto Turbo Muffler Delete, Turbo Silencer Delete. Of course there are also a few other names. Photo credit: autoinstruct.com.au

Advantages and disadvantages

In contrast to the air filter, there are hardly any disadvantages. As already mentioned, the original part will be replaced. Motorsport fans and tuning fans, however, see decisive ones Advantages compared to the original. The flow of air is significantly improved with a Turbo Muffler Delete Kit, as less turbulence occurs.
The sound or the noise of the turbo is improved. More power (and that is the main reason for the installation) usually also occurs. Only drawback: the envy of the tuning neighbor! If you don't have the necessary change, the price would be another shortcoming, but this is debatable. Curious? Admittedly, you can do almost everything yourself these days, true to the motto: Do-it-yourself. There are a number of videos on this, on YouTube for example, but also in various tuning forums.

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Turbo Muffler Delete Kit Conversion Tuning Installation Instructions 3 Everything about the Turbo Muffler Delete Kit!

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