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Within the Dual paint technique (also called two-color paintwork) is a machine process for painting alloy wheels. Like the name Dual paint already suggests, the rims get a two-tone surfacewhich of a layer clearcoat is protected. But which ones Advantages does the dual paint actually bring? The process gives the rims one exact color transitionwithout which you laboriously mask off or paint in got to. In addition, the process makes the rim extremely resistant and robust. The painting is also shaped by the Cleaning the rims considerably easier. Soiling of any kind does not sit so firmly on the surface and can therefore more easily removed . Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

different surface variants

Two colors dual paint rims 1

There are some companies in Germany that have specialized in the dual paint process and that high quality finishing with special CNC machines carry out. This means that the alloy rims are already in Pre-grinding process processed evenly, creating a particularly homogeneous surface structure can be achieved. The company should also have the Paint stripping the rims just with appropriate chemicals carry out and not through sandblastingthat can harden the surface. There is usually a large selection available for the new surface different Colors to Painting, of course you can too Original paint tones used by the vehicle manufacturer.

BiColor & Dual Painting

 "Bi-Color" = Rim processing at the front with CNC gloss turned Surfaces. The rest of the rim is in original colors or special colors (also Candy colors & Textured paints) held. There is the possibility of sealing the complete rim with high gloss / gloss / silk gloss / silk matt / matt or a dull matt clear coating as brake dust repellent polyurethane coatings.

"Dual painting" = similar processing as with the bi-color version. Here, too, areas with a CNC gloss turned finish are executed in color. All imaginable color combinations are possible. Implementation also with high-precision CNC production or using masking technology. There is the option of sealing the entire rim with high gloss / gloss / silk gloss / silk matt / matt or a dull matt clear coating as brake dust-repellent polyurethane coatings.

Conclusion: rim with two-tone paint

By machine CNC turning, the surface of the rim is made using the Dualpaint process two-tone lacquered and then with a clearcoat sealed. Since the rims are already machined with CNC machines in the pre-grinding processes, not only a very homogeneous surface structure is created, but also a clear gradient and an extremely robust rim without this mask off or paint in to have to. A simple cleaning is through Dual paint also guaranteed. The aluminum rims are stripped of paint using specially adapted chemicals, which protect the rims and, unlike sandblasting, do not harden.

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