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Practical load truck with a lot of power! What is an ute?

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2001 Holden HSV HRT Maloo Concept Widebody Header Practical load truck with a lot of power! What is an ute?

Ute is an abbreviation! This stands for utility vehicle. This vehicle with special use is particularly popular in Australia, but also in New Zealand. As a result, this vehicle is a very special kind of Pickup. With the comfort and convenience of a normal car chassis and a spacious cargo area, a Ute is not uncommon on the streets in down under. The models are compact and functional and have all the prerequisites that are needed on site.

What type of vehicle is a Ute?

Ute utility vehicle conversion tuning pickup Practical load truck with a lot of power! What is an ute?

This special pickup from Down Under can be described in a few words. In the front area of ​​the vehicle, the car is reminiscent of a normal car, because it also forms the basis. The rear of the vehicle is dominated by a large and spacious loading area that is reminiscent of a classic pickup. In contrast to a pickup, a Ute is built on a normal car chassis. This distinguishes the vehicle from trucks. Ultimately, the vehicle type of a Ute is nothing more than a car with an open loading area. For this reason, the vehicles are also known as strange hermaphrodites. In the front area of ​​a Ute there is always a closed cabin with two seats. At the back there is the open loading area built on the car with plenty of storage space and, if desired, with Storage compartment cover. Due to the structure, the vehicles are also called shrunk pickup truck bezeichnet.

How long have Ute vehicles been in existence? Who builds them?

Ute utility vehicle conversion Tuning Pickup3 Practical load truck with a lot of power! What is an ute?

The Ute was developed as early as the 1920s. Most Ute vehicles have been developed on the basis of Ford and Toyota models since the 1960s. These include the Falcon and Hilux models. But Holden is also known for the Utes. In the USA, the Ute vehicle also became modern in the 1960s. Under the common name Pickup Ford and Chevrolet models served as the basis for developing the Ute model. These were the Ranchero and El Camino models. However, these vehicles are built on a truck chassis. For this reason, the pickups are also larger. And there was also a corresponding trend in Europe to build a Ute vehicle. However, these models were only offered in small numbers. Other vehicle models also served as the basis here when compared to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. So the Caddy was used by VW, which has its base in the Golf. Ford also made models that were based in the Sierra, etc. And since 2001 there has even been a racing series of its own, the V8 Ute Racing Series! A car at the front, a pick-up at the back - that's a UTE!

Ford is officially the inventor

Lewis Thornet Bandt from Ford's design department got the development contract for the first Ute ever. The basis was a Ford coupe. He dismantled it accordingly for the loading area, reinforced the spars and installed the loading area. Finished! He is still called the inventor of the Ute. But the Australian engineer James Freeland Leacock actually built a similar vehicle in 1929 and patented it in 1930. But it never went into series. We hope that the info report on the topic / term Ute (further names / keywords: utility vehicle, shrunk pickup truck) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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