Known in the tuning scene - but what does VAG tuning mean?

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2020 GTC Spec VW Golf 8 GTI MK8 racing car widebody 31 Well known in the tuning scene but what does VAG tuning mean?

What VAG tuning is should be a little bit more understandable if it is called VAG tuning. What is meant is the tuning of vehicles used for Volkswagen and Audi group belong. VW-AG is known worldwide as a major company in Lower Saxony and is based in Wolfsburg. VW-AG is a German automobile manufacturer and one of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers. VW is also the parent company of many other vehicle brands. The vehicle brands include Audi, Seat, Porsche, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti. The well-known motorcycle brand Ducati is also shown as a subsidiary of VW-AG. VAG-Tuning focuses on the tuning of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. VAG-Tuning is also a company that can be found on the Internet as M. Küster VAG-Tuning from Potsdam. The company from Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 46 has nothing to do with the VAG group. But the boys deal with modifications around VW and Audi vehicles.

VAG-Tuning - spare and tuning parts

VAG Tuning Meaning Explanation Known in the tuning scene but what does VAG Tuning mean?

Companies that offer VAG tuning parts often have other services related to VAG vehicles at the start. A typical VAG tuning shop has, for example, spare and tuning parts for a VW Lupo, an Audi A6, the VW Golf and at least the Audi A3. In addition to classic components, services such as chip tuning or the less well-known are also available in VAG shops Chip switching offered. With this variant, the original OEM series status is reprogrammed to include several performance levels according to customer requirements. The switching from the chip can then be carried out, for example, using a diagnostic device or a special chip switching tool. Basically, this is nothing more than a conventional one Chiptuning, only different configurations can be called up and activated. Similar to a high quality Tuning Box. And of course, chip switching is not only possible on VAG vehicles, but on almost all vehicles that can also be chip-tuned. If you want to use such a service, you should definitely make sure that the respective tuning is also suitable for the corresponding vehicle. A tuning workshop specializing in VAG tuning can of course act as a consultant.

Rims, chassis and more!

Carbon body kit Darwinpro Audi RS4 Avant B9 Tuning 6 Known in the tuning scene but what does VAG tuning mean?

In addition to chip tuning & Co., there is much more to offer especially for VAG vehicles. The interested tuner receives various body kits, rims, chassis and, on request, even special keys for his VW-Audi vehicle. There is often a special SDI service and of course all the important programming tools, various transmissions and airbag service in a good VAG workshop. The VAG Group is lucrative enough for countless companies to only specialize in their vehicles. The offer is correspondingly huge. Repairs of, for example, engine control units and instrument clusters (speedometer, rev counter, etc.) are almost always available from such companies. The services of VAG tuning companies are diverse. In general, before tuning VW and Audi vehicles (and all other brands) always find out which suitable options exist for the respective model.  At the end... VAG tuning refers to the tuning of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

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Skoda RS Kodiaq ABT Sportsline Tuning 4 Known in the tuning scene but what does VAG tuning mean?

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All key data at a glance - the data logger in the vehicle!

Data logger Data logger Vehicle tracker Tuning 3 310x165 Known in the tuning scene but what does VAG tuning mean?

Everything under control with strong lashing rails in the vehicle!

Lashing rails Nachr% C3% BCsten anchor channels locking rods e1595912035292 310x165 Well known in the tuning scene but what does VAG tuning mean?

Having fun with the vehicle - what is a trackday?

Trackday Rennstreckentag Racing day e1595914401962 310x165 Well known in the tuning scene but what does VAG tuning mean?

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