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Tuning the valve train of the engine? May be necessary!

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Cancel speed limitation Tuning Tuning on the valve train of the engine? May be necessary!

If you want to tune your engine and for example the Motor speed increased considerablywho should pay attention to the valve train. So that the tuned engine runs perfectly, the valve train can also use an upgrade to be able to withstand the heavier load in the long term. Suitable accessories are available in stores for many vehicle models and vehicle brands.

modify the valve train

Valve train tuning Valve train tuning on the valve train of the engine? May be necessary!

Interested tuners can effectively upgrade their vehicle with a new valve train that matches the increased engine speed. Suitable automotive parts are available from specialist dealers. When buying a new valve train, it is important to ensure that items are compatible. Online shops usually indicate whether the new valve train is even suitable for a particular vehicle model and the built-in engine. The tuning of the valve train should only be carried out by specialists. If you want to shop online to upgrade your valve train yourself, you need to know the make, model and engine of the vehicle in order to find suitable products. It should also be taken into account that, if modifications have already been made to the engine, whether these are at all compatible with the new valve train? With a professional upgrade of the valve train, the tuned engine will always run optimally.

Load on the valve train from sport camshafts?

Sports camshaft tuning Tuning on the valve train of the engine? May be necessary!

Sport camshaft does not necessarily have to load the valve train any more A precise analysis can only determine whether there is increased exposure. However, experience with unpolished camshafts or sports camshafts shows that there is inevitably "no" additional load on the series valve train. However, if the engine speed is increased, then there is definitely an increased load on the valve train. In general, however, every valve train has some reserves that can be used for tuning the sports camshafts.

What to look for when modifying camshafts?

If camshafts are specially reground, then the tappets / rocker arms and the built-in camshaft usually fit together perfectly. Nevertheless, the freedom of movement of the camshaft should be checked during installation. If the speed is increased, it must be checked whether the existing valve spring installed as standard is intended for the maximum speed.

Valve train tuning when the engine speed is increased

Cancel speed limitation Tuning 2 Tuning on the valve train of the engine? May be necessary!

The valve train is also referred to as valve control. The mechanism controls the gas exchange in a reciprocating engine. It is controlled by opening and closing the exhaust gas outlet and air inlet ducts. The valve train is used in four-stroke engines. The camshaft opens a valve via a tappet or rocker arm. If the engine speed is increased by tuning the vehicle, it should be checked whether a valve train tuning is necessary.

Valve train - what to look for when buying?

If the valve train needs an upgrade, compatible automotive parts should definitely be purchased from a specialist retailer. Furthermore, the engine, manufacturer (brand) and model of the respective vehicle should be known, as well as the changes that have already been made to the engine in order to obtain compatible products. If you are not sure whether the valve train needs an upgrade or whether the standard valve train is sufficient, you should visit a tuning workshop that is familiar with the subject of speed increases, for example, and focuses on increasing performance. A new camshaft must also be installed in a professional manner so that the engine runs optimally. It is advisable to obtain detailed advice from a specialist retailer before purchasing valve train upgrades in order to avoid purchasing incompatible products that may even end up causing engine damage.

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