Ventilation grille - ventilation & ventilation for your car

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Fresh air grille ventilation grille Cusco Panel Tuning e1563018811263 ventilation grille ventilation & ventilation for your car

Ventilation grilles or fresh air grilles are installed in cars to provide ventilation and cooling. They are available in many different versions for both the engine compartment and the cab. With the engine, it's obvious that even if today's cars are rarely out of production due to engine overheating, engines run hot and every bit of extra cooling makes their job easier. A ventilation grille allows the wind to penetrate into the engine compartment while driving and cool over the engine, the intercooler, the radiator and all parts that need cooling. The faster you drive, the stronger the wind and this cools the loaded engine and the attachments mentioned all around stronger. This effect costs only a little extra drive energy.

Ventilation grille - ventilation & ventilation

Fresh air grille ventilation grille Cusco Panel Tuning 2 e1563018864951 ventilation grille ventilation & ventilation for your car

However, some extra energy is actually required. By changing the aerodynamics creates an increased air resistance, which opposes the car. To overcome this, a slightly higher engine power is required to drive at the same speed. For a race car, this disadvantage may be worth considering. In normal traffic, however, you will hardly notice. We are interested in this place but rather the fresh air grille for the cab we know from rally sports. The idea of ​​installing a fresh air grille for the cab may seem surprising at first glance. After all, modern cars are equipped as standard with ventilation systems. However, the ventilation runs only as long as it does the engine or your vehicle battery. As soon as you stop your car and deactivate the ignition, the system stops working.

Fresh air grille ventilation grille Cusco Panel Tuning 3 e1563018955598 ventilation grille ventilation & ventilation for your car

If you are sitting in a standing car for a long time, for example, when you wait for someone, but even if it does not continue in a traffic jam, you can simply open a window to give you fresh air.
But if you leave your car and leave it, you also have to close the windows to protect it from theft. Especially in the summer it will quickly get very hot in your vehicle. If you want to get in and drive away, a heat wave hits you. Seats and steering wheel are often so hot that it hurts to touch them. Especially with new cars, one often gets an unpleasant smell of plastic, which even causes nausea in some people. The heat has attacked the plastic and it has dissolved pollutants and enriched in the air.

Fresh air grille Ventilation grille Cusco Panel Tuning 4 ventilation grilles for your car

For dogs and children forgotten in the car, this heat development can be life-threatening. But even under the ride there are sometimes reasons to wish for additional ventilation. Thus, the air from the standard blower often does not reach the back seat and in rallies, the opening of the windows is prohibited. A fresh air grille mounted in the window provides a remedy. But you should make sure that it can be removed or closed while driving, so that no excessive wind in the cab. Also, the background noise is to be considered. Especially on the highway, windows with fresh air grilles are very loud. There is little difference to an open window without fresh air grill.

also available with electric fan

But that does not matter in the rally car. This is all about the benefit of bringing fresh air into the cabin. Engine and exhaust system of a rally vehicle are finally so loud that a fresh air grille is the smallest problem. PS. Various manufacturers have even integrated an electric car fan (solar) in the fresh air grid. We hope that you the info report on the topic / term Ventilation grille - ventilation & ventilation (further names / keywords: cusco panel, ventilation panel, ACOOL car ventilator, fresh air grille, fresh air panel, window grille, cab ventilation grille, side ventilation grille, fresh air diffuser) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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