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Stand out at all costs - the LED wheel arch lighting!

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GMC Sierra 2500HD Tuning Lift Kit 7 The LED wheel house lighting is striking at all costs!

Wheel arch lighting is intended to illuminate wheel arches and serves, for example, at clearly higher down Vehicles, as a pure show effect. The wheel house lighting has no real meaning or purpose. But the modified vehicles can be presented in a stylish way and emphasized individually. Especially at shows to present the vehicle or new tuning articles, individual vehicle lighting is an eye-catcher and is guaranteed to attract people and potential customers. Anyone looking for a suitable wheelhouse lighting as an interested tuner will find it in specialist shops. The articles are offered in different versions and can be purchased with different lighting colors. As stylish as such lighting is, whether it is suitable for everyday vehicles, this is explained below.

Wheel house lighting - only for pickups?

Wheelhouse lighting Chassis lighting Tuning 2 The LED wheelhouse lighting is striking at all costs!

Illuminating wheel arches does not seem very useful at first. And actually you can't gloss over it either! But if you want to show what you have on a tuning show, you are exactly right with eye-catching wheel arch lighting. In general, lighting, such as the undercarriage lighting on vehicles, is interesting for show effects. The lighting is, modernly, implemented via LEDs and is available, for example, as an adhesive article or LED tube. There is a large selection of colors and variants. If you want a real show effect as an eye-catcher, you can also choose a variant with a color change. The wheelhouse lighting is often used as a show effect on extremely high pickups to skilfully stage the lifting of the body and the components used as well as the rims of the car. But it can also be used on other vehicles for the show. The lighting is also allowed at shows and on private premises, which the tuner naturally likes. In road traffic, the lights, such as the wheel house lighting, are not necessarily permitted.

Chassis lighting basically the same

The way of installing the wheelhouse lighting is different. There are certainly small LEDs that can be installed with special brackets for permanent use in the wheel house, but there are also variants that are only glued in order to stage the already mentioned show vehicle. Incidentally, the lighting for the chassis of the higher off-roader is basically identical. Here too, either individual LEDs or complete hoses are used to illuminate the components such as shock absorbers, springs or various struts in all the way to the differential and to show them off in a striking manner. And the lights are not allowed on the chassis in road traffic either, at least in this country, and they are also not intended to be installed on a daily driver. Moisture, weather influences and all environmental influences sooner or later affect the small LED lamps, so that long-term use is only guaranteed in the rarest of cases. By the way: You can find out which penalties threaten in the event of incorrectly activated or not activated lighting in our large article onLights on the car: function, regulations, fines“Read.

Wheelhouse lighting Chassis lighting Tuning The LED wheelhouse lighting is striking at all costs!

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More safety in the car with an emergency brake assistant!

Emergency Brake Assistant Nachr% C3% BCsten Tuning Collision Warning e1582183129330 310x165 The LED wheel house lighting is striking at all costs!

More power - modify the compressor from the engine!

Callaway TVS1740 compressor SC410 tuning 310x165 The LED wheel house lighting is striking at all costs!

Wheel arch corners as an all-rounder against dirt and stones!

Wheel arch corners Wheel arch extension Tuning 2 310x165 Striking the LED wheel arch lighting at all costs!

Classic design - wire-spoke wheels on the vehicle!

The wire wheel rims Wire Wheels e3 4x1582187794446 The LED wheel house lighting is striking at all costs!

More comfort! Ban the garage door opener afterwards?

Garage door% C3% B6ffner Nachr% C3% BCsten radio hand-held transmitter 310x165 The LED wheel house lighting is striking at all costs!

Practical, illegal but chic - the Gullwing steering wheel!

Gullwing steering wheel two-handle stub 310x165 The LED wheel house lighting is striking at all costs!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Striking at any price the LED wheel house lighting!

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