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Wheel covers / wheel spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

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BRABUS SV12 R Bi Turbo 800 2 wheel covers / wheel spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

Wheel arch linings, also known as wheel spats, are used to cover the rear wheel arches of vehicles. In general, there are no specific restrictions in the use of wheel arch linings and you can therefore actually be mounted on any motor vehicle. The versions only differ in their length, since the shape for the respective vehicle is predetermined by the body of the vehicle. Lange Wheel Spats optically integrate the wheels into the body and ensure a harmonious line between the front and rear of the vehicle. In contrast to the mid to late 20th century, the wheel spats are no longer considered good form these days and are rarely used in production vehicles. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

BRABUS SV12 R Bi-Turbo 800 (EV12)

BRABUS SV12 R Bi Turbo 800 wheel covers / wheel spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

In the segment of highly motorized vehicles, the so-called supercars, which require a favorable drag coefficient for aerodynamics and the resulting increase in performance, wheel spats can be found more often. But mostly only for a high-speed run and not for the daily journey. One of the vehicles is the BRABUS SV12 R Bi-Turbo 800. He had installed such panels for the wheel arches and drove 370 km / h. The great benefit for the aerodynamics of a vehicle comes from the uninterrupted flow of air, starting from the front, along the body. In the area of ​​the wheel housing, turbulence in the flowing air masses is reduced and flow breaks due to turbulence are counteracted. This property has a positive influence on the power and performance, which is reflected in improved driving behavior and more speed. Another consequence of improved aerodynamics, due to the reduced air resistance, results in a reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in range.

Wheel Spats -What to look for when buying?

Wheel Spats Wheel House Covering Tuning Beetle e1599216542653 Wheel coverings / Wheel Spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

In view of the fact that there are hardly any wheel spats for today's production vehicles, a custom-made product is almost inevitable. In the event that it is not a custom-made product and there are already Wheel Spats for the respective vehicle, when purchasing the components, one is on a ABE (General operating permit). Nevertheless, the enthusiastic tuner should visit a testing authority (TÜV, Dekra & Co.) before buying and ask whether the Wheel Spats can be installed and whether they can only be driven in road traffic with an ABE that must always be carried. In the event that it is a custom-made product, it is essential to ensure that the Wheel Spats are removable or foldable. This property is essential and ensures free access to the vehicle's tires. An examination and approval from an officially recognized expert will be necessary for custom-made products.

the brake receives less fresh air

For the respective vehicle, it should be clarified in advance whether a subsequent attachment of wheel arch linings is even permissible and which burdens may have to be dealt with. The interested tuner should in any case go to a testing authority before buying and obtain all information about the project. It should also be noted that the wheel arch linings supply significantly less fresh air to the brake system. In a high-speed run that is geared towards the best possible top speed, of course, that doesn't matter. For use in everyday traffic, however, an overheated brake system quickly becomes a problem. Even after extensive research on the internet, we were unable to find package deals for vehicles of any kind. As already mentioned, it is very likely that you will order a custom-made product with a subsequent one individual acceptance not getting around when the parts are to be installed on a vehicle that participates in road traffic.

BRABUS SV12 R Bi Turbo 800 3 wheel covers / wheel spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

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Wheel Spats Wheel house lining Tuning Kaefer 4 e1599216704479 Wheel lining / Wheel Spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

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Additional turn signal tuning e1598695018134 310x165 wheel covers / wheel spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

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Schwellerschwerter Schwelleransaetze Sill strips Bodykit 3 e1599209720716 310x165 wheel coverings / Wheel Spats for the ultimate aerodynamics

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Condition notes oldtimer declaration 2 310x165 wheel coverings / wheel spats for the ultimate in aerodynamics

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