At the bottom of the facts stay with a wheelie bar

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Wheelie Bar Quarter Mile Tuning At the bottom of the facts stay with a wheelie bar

Stunts and extreme acceleration orgies are not easy to drive because physical laws often oppose the driver's will. Often the stunts also easily lose control of their own vehicle because of unforeseen rollovers. This can be countered effectively. Even mounting the wheelie bar on the car prevents the car from starting to race (quarter mile etc.) overturns against the driver's will. For driving safety and better control, the Wheelie Bar has therefore proved to be very useful.

What's in a wheelie bar?

Wheelie Bar Quarter Mile Tuning 2 e1573712029458 Staying at the bottom of the facts with a wheelie bar

Wheelie bars are on everyone's lips. They are reserved for motorsport and are not suitable for passenger car use on the road. Who wants to do certain stunts with his vehicle, or just want to accelerate an extremely strong car in the best possible way, can do this with a wheelie bar supportive. Significantly safer and easier to handle is driving on the rear wheels with such a wheelie bar. It keeps the vehicle on the ground and prevents unintentional overturning to the rear. The Wheelie Bar allows the driver to stay in control of his vehicle so he can focus on the race. The Wheelie Bar supports the complete driving stability of the vehicle. The angle of inclination can be adjusted easily with the wheelie bars.

Do stunts with the wheelie bar

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If you want to drive stunts, you should not miss the supportive help of a wheelie bar. The bar is visible on the rear of the vehicle and is not a design object. Rather, the Wheelie Bar produces the stability of the vehicle and prevents very effective, that it can come to rear vehicle rollovers in the stunt. For example, it is easier to drive on the rear wheels of the vehicle and also jumps can be partially performed optimally. The landing after a jump is often more safely intercepted by the wheelie bar than on vehicles that are not equipped with a wheelie bar. Basically, when using a wheelie bar, a heavy spoiler should be removed from the vehicle. The Wheelie Bar prevents the vehicle from lifting in the front and making a rollover backwards during heavy acceleration.

Wheelie Bar is not a panacea

So many high starts are easily possible without the vehicle tilts backwards during the stunt and overturns. With the help of the Wheelie Bar Kit many stunts can be mastered which would not be possible without a wheelie bar. The driving stability is well supported by the bar. But also the Wheelie Bar has its limits. If the acceleration is too extreme, the bar may not be set correctly, the car can still take off and overturn. The following spectacular video shows you a Lexus IS-F tuner EKanoo Racing which would most likely have fallen by the wayside, a wheelie bar would have been installed at the rear.

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