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Connected on the go - retrofit WiFi in your car!

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WLAN in the car enables a stable connection to the Internet, with up to 150 Mbit / s, which can be accessed by several devices. This is particularly useful when traveling, when several people in the vehicle want to access the Internet. If you do not yet have one of the new vehicle models with integrated WLAN, you can simply retrofit WLAN in any car yourself. Here you can resort to various options, which of course have their advantages and disadvantages. In any case, a SIM card and a correspondingly large data tariff from a mobile phone provider are required.

The options for retrofitting!

Retrofit WLAN car LTE Router WiFi 2 Networks retrofit WLAN in the car even on the go!

The solution of connecting an LTE surf stick to a notebook in order to use WLAN in the car may be a sensible option for people who use the notebook for business anyway. However, charging the battery is also a problem here. Often you cannot connect this to the cigarette lighter, but you may need another one Inverters, It is also possible to provide a WiFi hotspot via smartphone via tethering. However, you must then switch to a mobile phone tariff with a correspondingly large data tariff. And the smartphone must be charged continuously while driving in order to have at least a bit of battery available when you arrive at your destination. These solutions are therefore only of limited use. It is now possible and much better to use a powerful, mobile router that was specially developed for use in the car.

More information? Is there ... here!

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These mobile LTE WLAN routers are offered by various manufacturers. The power supply works via the 12-volt cigarette lighter or sometimes via the OBD connector. In addition, there is often a USB port on the adapters so that the smartphone can be charged on the side. Compared to WLAN routers integrated at the factory, the great advantage of mobile hotspot solutions is that the adapters are flexible. If the household has several cars, the portable router can be repositioned and taken along as desired. However, the reception quality is often significantly poorer. The price for WiFi in the car depends on the price of the device once purchased and the data tariff used.

Disadvantages of the Internet in the vehicle

Retrofit WLAN car LTE Router WiFi 4 Networks retrofit WLAN in the car even on the go!

As the mobile routers almost always have no integrated battery, one disadvantage is that the WLAN is no longer available when the ignition is switched off, for example at the motorway service area. It should also be mentioned that the actual Internet reception on the way does not come close to the performance within your own four walls. The fact is that in Germany you cannot enjoy a stable reception across the board. Unfortunately, a powerful router cannot help much in the case of dead spots. Downloads are stalling or the connection is at least slowing down. The data limit also plays a role on the go. Large uploads and downloads should therefore still be carried out better at home. And the notebook does not charge such a mobile WLAN router either.

WLAN - four letters for the world

Is a surf stick enough? A surfstick on the laptop also works in the vehicle. If you want to be mobile while on the go, come with the Surfstick. It works like a smartphone with a SIM card. Simply plug it into your laptop and start surfing. Billing is often done using a prepaid solution or a fixed contract. Sending and receiving power from the surf stick are rather weak. Hotspot via mobile phone? Also a way to have WiFi in the car. Nowadays, a simple smartphone is enough to create a WiFi hotspot. Advantage: the smartphone can also be connected to the 12V socket. Data volume and quality are also limited here. Larger antenna? May be necessary and bring a lot! Maybe suitable for the truck, but often not very practical for normal cars. Large grid antennas are now standard equipment in the mobile home or caravan. They can even be connected to normal surf sticks. But on the car? Never!

Router with high transmission and reception performance

For the car, the routers already mentioned are also coupled with special WLAN car antennas. Starting with conventional dipole antennas (as a WLAN version, mostly spiral) nowadays you often use so-called shark fins (Shark Fin). They are particularly well suited for WLAN reception. And large providers such as Telekom also offer solutions. For example the "Car Connect" package. Here the WLAN router is connected to the OBD-2 connection (Fault memory connector) and is therefore often invisibly connected. The router comes with other functions such as a GPS transmitter and an app is included. It enables WiFi HotSpot with LTE (max. 100 Mbit / s) and up to 5 devices can connect at the same time. With this system, the greater the distance to the nearest cell phone mast, it quickly shows that the additional costs compared to the smartphone hotspot or the surf stick are justified. The connection is better and is often still sufficient even in weak regions. By the way, there are similar offers from other providers such as Huawei or Samsung.

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