The fender dipstick - a relic from old times

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Dipstick tuning 2 1 The fender dipstick is a relic from old times

Many car owners are annoyed that they can not detect where their car stops when reversing. To safely park such a car requires a lot of tact and experience. That's why Autotuning offers solutions that make parking easier. These days, however, these solutions are electronic as opposed to the past. There was the so-called dipstick.

Mount dipstick for orientation

PARKTRONIC tuning rod tuning w140 The fender bearing rod a relic from old times

Dipsticks were originally designed for trucks. They indicated to the driver the lateral limit. They were attached to the side end points of the front bumper or on the side, front fenders. The height was measured so that the dipsticks were conveniently visible from the cab. In order to further improve the recognizability, an additional ball was usually placed on the upper end. For the rear area was further searched for a solution. Decades later, this visual aid for parking was replaced by electronic solutions.

Classic dipsticks are popular autotuning parts

By installing dipsticks, each car can be transformed into a unique specimen and receives a certain retro charm. They fulfill an important task in the optical individualization of a car. Each attachment, including the dipstick, express the personality of the vehicle owner. After all, a car is not just a means of transport. Autotuning therefore focuses not just on improving performance, but also on dynamics and sportiness. And of course, the comfort of a vehicle should always be improved during car tuning.

Dipsticks - popular tuning parts for youngtimers

Dipstick Tuning 3 The fender dipstick a relic of old times

By attaching body parts, the value of a car can even be increased in hindsight. A dipstick is usually equipped with a practical pennant holder and, together with other parts, conveys an individual overall look. The dipsticks are available in different variants. The optical systems are also available as retractable tuning parts. Anyone who wants to personalize their vehicles with authentic dipsticks as parking aids can, of course, combine the optical parking aid with innovative parking assistance systems.

Innovative dipsticks are available for many vehicle models

Dipsticks for optical tuning are available for many car models. Especially in the target group Youngtimer dipsticks are very popular. They are offered by the tuning companies in high quality. Dipsticks can also be ordered conveniently in online shops. The search for the appropriate dipsticks can be done, for example, by make or manufacturer. The specialist staff of a Tuningschmiede also helps to find the appropriate dipsticks. Of course, the competent car mechanics also professionally attach the purchased rods to the bumper without causing scratches. With additional dipsticks on the vehicle, parking bumps and the resulting costs can be avoided in the familiar way. The costs for the installation of innovative, electronically retractable dip sticks therefore pay for themselves within a short time. They also contribute to extending the life of the vehicle rims, as they prevent contact with the curb edges at best completely. Dipsticks allow the driver additional visual control when parking. In principle, priority is given to what the driver himself sees with his own eyes. Acoustic signals complementing provide additional security when reversing or parking.

Dipstick Tuning 2 The fender dipstick a relic of old times

Of course that had not happened yet!

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