Video: From another planet - McMurtry's Spéirling 1,000!

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McMurtry Speirling 1.000 Elektro Hypercar 9 Video: From Another Star McMurtry Spéirling 1,000!

Have you ever dated McMurtry Speirling heard? Don't worry, neither have we so far. The McMurtry Spéirling (Irish for "thunderstorm") is a Electric racer from England, with a shorter wheelbase (two meters) than a VW Up (VW120 series) and one Tare of under a ton. It measures just 3,20 meters in length and is therefore a good 40 centimeters shorter than a VW Up. It is also about 1,50 meters wide and 1,05 meters high. And if you look at the crazy part, then it is not unlikely that Batman in his next film with the Spéirling including "green conscience“Will be on the way. The Spéirling of McMurtry Automotive from Gloucestershire in Great Britain owns no street legal, that's what the compact one is for Single seater at home on the racetrack. And there he should break records!

McMurtry Automotive Speirling

The power to weight ratio lies thanks Carbon monocoque-Bremsanlage and -Body parts according to McMurtry one horsepower per kilogram and according to the data sheet, the mini e-racer makes it in less than nine seconds to 300 km / h. The battery should last between 60 and 80 minutes during racing. Allegedly, the athlete even manages around 560 kilometers on the WLTP road. An unspecified one acts as the drive Electric motor on the rear axle with the 240 tires, that of one 60-kWh battery is fed with 800-volt technology and charged with a maximum charging power of 600 kW. In principle, the Spéirling uses a technology similar to the one Chaparral 2J racing car with regard to the generation of downforce.


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McMurtry Spéirling electric hypercar!
Photo credit: McMurtry Automotive + screenshots

McMurtry Speirling 1.000 Elektro Hypercar 9 Video: From Another Star McMurtry Spéirling 1,000!

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