Monday, September 27, 2021


In the year 1953 became the Serbian car maker Zastava Automobili AD, as a subsidiary of the Fiat Group, founded. The company's headquarters were in Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia. In mid-2008, a joint venture agreement was signed between the Serbian government, Zastava and the car maker Fiat, which promised 67% of the Zastava plant and granted 10 years of tax exemption. The acquired company is still located in Serbia, but was renamed the new car maker FCA Srbija, as part of the global Fiat Group - until the end of 2008 Zastava models were still produced. Since 2012, only the Fiat 500L has been manufactured at the Serbian site. Other well-known models of the band were, for example, the Fiat Punto, Ragata or Croma. With a Fiat license commercial vehicles were also produced and sold for many years, only a few of them were own developments. In the field of vehicle tuning, the in-house production of the Zastava Yugo, which is based on the drawings and techniques of the Fiat 127, was and still is a very popular tuning object.