Friday May 7th 2021

Brill Steel Motorsport

The tuning company Brill Steel Motorsport from Italy suggests, first and foremost, southern relaxation and a correspondingly relaxed manner. This is not the case at all with regard to autotuning, on the contrary! Heavy widebody kits and brutal chrome optics are the order of the day. The team from the south has apparently set itself the task of destroying idyll - with the help of vigorous carts. The fierce vehicles look like muscle-packed Transformers that are about to conquer the world. And that is exactly what the Brill Steel Motorsport projects stand for, for conquest. The team pushes every imaginable specialty that is available in the community and takes its part from the pie. For this it earns a lot of respect and attention. Accordingly, it is to be expected that further projects will push across national borders and that they will continue to inspire us with their intense projects. Powerful engines, broadly built transformer carts with a lot of horsepower under the hood are expected and you get here especially when the base is one Subaru .