EPD Motorsports

The 2010 based company has focused on the holistic tuning of the most diverse BMW Specializes in models. By working together with numerous well-known partners, EPD Motorsports is able to offer solutions not only in the area of ​​engine tuning, but in the field of aerodynamics and also in the area of ​​rims and chassis numerous products of the company are available. High-quality workmanship and perfect matching to the characteristics of the vehicle to be cared for are a top priority. The company has recently expanded its portfolio to include exhaust systems, so that now the whole range of possible vehicle tuning can be guaranteed from a single source and through the cooperation with the respective partner companies also the decades of experience of these partners can be used. A special tuning kit was developed, for example, for the Jeep by Suzuki, which not only visually received a completely new "dress", but also has significantly more agile driving characteristics in the terrain.

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