GAD-Motors GmbH

"Power to Emotion". That is the philosophy and the guideline of GAD-Motors GmbH. The tuner offers its customers unconditional pleasure by combining concentrated quality and driving dynamics with maximum performance. The specialist in car tuning has mainly focused on the tuning of Mercedes-Benz models. Their portfolio ranges from chassis adjustments and engine applications to bi-compressor / turbo conversions. According to their motto, customers who have a model not listed in the portfolio will not be disappointed, because individual arrangements are always possible with the specialist. GAD-Motors GmbH not only develops high-end performance kits for the various Mercedes models, but also supplies partners in Germany and abroad. In 2003 the company GAD-Motors GmbH was founded by Sebastian Daminger. At that time, however, it was still a sole proprietorship called "Sebastian Daminger", which dealt with the development and sale of motorsport parts. Through the merger with Santiago Garrido, the now well-known company GAD-Motors GmbH was created in 2009. There is more about the company

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