Sunday 26th September 2021


For almost 10 years, the company stands for perfect tuning of Mercedes Vehicles in the luxury segment. IMSA GmbH is based in Brueggen and develops safety and high-performance components exclusively for Mercedes. These innovations and developments are not only unique and so clearly set themselves apart from mass production. The manufacture of these components requires absolute precision and years of experience in this area. In this way, depending on the customer's wishes, individual pieces of automotive perfection are created that are second to none. It is not only the look of the vehicles such as the G-Class, the S-Class or the GT-R that really stand out, but also the technology in the form of an increase in output of more than 250 hp is unmatched. So it is not surprising that IMSA GmbH has also specialized in developing exclusive and unique roll-over cages for the vehicles they have refined. The result is automotive art that is unrivaled in its kind and can therefore also be described as craftsmanship. More about the company is on