Saturday 16rd October 2021

Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson makes more possible. Just let it inspire, is the motto. If autotuning wants to be understood right from the start, there is no way around this tuner. More strength, a tuner can hardly prove. And because that's so important, there's plenty of evidence. PS Giants, which would be comparable to hardly any other vehicle, just cruise around like that. This makes the tuner a coveted tuning lover when it comes to height and strength. Lowering was yesterday. Today is higher. When a Mercedes G-class suddenly with 800 PS drives through mud and river landscapes, this is no coincidence. What would have been stuck so far, can easily be tackled with the tuner Jon Olsson. Whether open top or closed, good design and performance do not have to compromise on this tuner. Since it becomes even a simple and inconspicuous Audi RS6 a vehicle with 1000 PS. More power is barely possible.