Saturday June 19, 2021

Liberty Walk Performance

The company Liberty Walk Performance, or LB Performance for short, was founded by Wakaru Kato in the seventies and since then has been dedicated to autotuning completely different models. The then-26-year-old began his career in a small vehicle park in Japan, where only three models could be exhibited simultaneously. However, these created such enthusiasm that the company quickly expanded and is now one of the best-known brands in automotive tuning. The brand LB Performance is known especially for bolted and glued broadening, which triggered a hype early in the Japanese tuning scene, which sloshed briefly to Europe in the eighties, which, however, did not lead to success. In Japan, LB Works is the highest rated brand by LB Performance, which not only manufactures or at least distributes aero kits, but also other parts such as air suspensions, exhausts and spoilers. This ensures optimum dynamics in driving behavior, so that the current tuning spirit is bravely captured. No matter if you have one Audi, one BMW or Mercedes drive, and also exotics like one Acura or Maserati If desired, you can get a widebody kit from Liberty Walk Performance, which is currently more frequently seen in Germany. There is more about the company

Widebody kit from Liberty Walk on the Toyota Supra (A90)

John Player Special JPS Liberty Walk Supra Tuning Header 310x165 Widebody Kit from Liberty Walk on the Toyota Supra (A90)

At the beginning of June, the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk Performance announced an extensive tuning program for the current Toyota Supra. In terms of time, however, they were clearly behind the competition from Pandem, Kuhl-racing or TOM's, all of which were already showing their vehicles for the SEMA Auto Show 2019

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