Luethen Motorsport

The company Luethen Motorsport from Hamburg offers exclusive automotive design ideas at the highest level and implements them with its specialists from all areas. Thereby, the experts from the north have absolutely the highest priority: Quality! This is only logical, since the company's team has specialized in optimizing a high-quality vehicle, namely the Mercedes AMG GT / GT S and GT R. A vehicle that already meets the highest quality standards must also be consistently maintained when it comes to refinement. No matter whether an aerodynamic package made of carbon, a sport coilover suspension for even more traction on the road or even an increase in performance, the experts from the company from Hamburg make almost every wish come true and deliver the highest quality technology from motorsport. Luethen Motorsport also offers suitable high-quality alloy rims, which give the work of the experts from Hamburg the finishing touch and make the vehicles unique examples of automotive designs so that no automotive wishes are left unfulfilled. There is more about the company

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