MAD Industries

Your professional car tuning from the Costa Mesa in California! Founded by 2007, Mangum Automotive Designs (MAD Industries) today has over 12 years of relevant work experience in the field of car tuning. Under the leadership of Chris Mangum numerous show cars, bikes, trucks and boats were modified during this time. MAD Industries has already worked with major manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Including Ford, Chevrolet and Honda, Due to the good relations with the accessory manufacturers in the aftermarket, the company succeeds again and again in the design and development of prototype parts. Thus, it makes a decisive contribution to the introduction of new models in the automotive market! Many magazine covers featuring MAD Industries' vehicles as well as Manufacture Design Award awards speak for themselves. This company is known for its innovative ideas, fresh styling, unmatched quality and great communication! Punctually finished, high-quality end products, captivate the customers with their remarkable design and leave a lasting impression!

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