ML Concept

One man, one concept - that is the motto of Mike Lipinski, the managing director and founder of ML Concept. When he was founded, he said that he wanted to create a car tuning company that not only offered quality, but also exceptional services for as many brands as possible. Today he succeeded. Mike Lipinski has created a well-known company in Gelsenkirchen, where he is tuning for the brands Mercedes Benz, Audi, Opel, Lamborghini, Ford or BMW offers. What is unique here is that he does not alter the basic pattern of the car, but rather works out and refines it together with the customer so that the vehicle is not converted, but refined based on the structure of the manufacturer, with the focus being on the parts that the Want to emphasize the customer. Since the conversion is being carried out directly on the ML Concept site, Mike Lipinski also offers TÜV special registrations. This corresponds to his concept, because in addition to high quality, he primarily relies on the full satisfaction of his customers and of course the highest possible safety in road traffic.

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