Performance Technic Inc. California

Founded in 2009, Performance Technic Inc. California, located near San Francisco, has become a popular point of reference when it comes to tuning the brand's high-performance vehicles BMW goes. Regardless of whether it is a matter of installing a new chassis that is optimally adapted to the vehicle, or simply fitting suitable aluminum wheels, the company always finds the optimum solution according to the customer's wishes. Likewise, Performance Technic Inc. California has specialized in providing "all-round service" to all conceivable types of the BMW brand. The experience of the company's experts comes directly from racing, because the tuner also offers performance solutions in this area. Many components from motorsport also find direct application in tuning for production vehicles. Chassis adjustments, carbon elements and additional coolers are just a few examples from the range of production vehicles, which were originally developed for racing and now generate satisfied customers of Performance Technic Inc. California.

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