Friday July 30, 2021


Since 20 years, the company from Gerlingen offers exclusive conversions and individual tuning solutions for Porsche on. Whether for the racetrack or the country road, the company's extensive program, which is based on decades of experience, offers the right solution for almost any customer requirement. In addition to the numerous performance solutions that offer more performance and from the already strong sports cars, super sports cars arise, Speedart also offers a wide range of rims for Boxter, Cayman, 911 and Co. To match this, interior solutions are implemented according to customer requirements in order to perfect the unique and luxurious look of the vehicles. Also with the sound of the sports cars, the company uses Active Sound solutions (Diesel), improvements and sound optimization, so that true unique pieces of automotive development arise. In addition, Speedart has also committed to the preservation of classic models and offers the repair of classic Porsche vehicles to revive the unique history of the Porsche vehicles and the associated automotive history. There is more about the company