Vilner garage

Since 1996, tuning company Vilner from Bulgaria has thrilled the community with reliable and stylish work. From all parts of the world come the vehicles, which usually receive a complete overhaul and refresher. Even in front of the famous GDR car, the Trabant, the girls and boys from Vilner don't stop. High-quality car tuning is carried out here with great sensitivity, craftsmanship and creativity. So top work can always be expected that is tailored to the individual. Everyone is different, has different needs and desires. Likewise, everyone feels comfortable and safe in a different environment. The team understood exactly these principles and implements them. Each vehicle is individually tailored and adapted to the wishes and needs. Depending on your preference, the priorities of tuning are set and carried out. This ensures that every customer is satisfied with their vehicle for a long time and remains so. Vilner will definitely be heard in the next few years, we are excited! There is more about the company