Friday, December 1, 2023

Forest International

The Japanese car tuning company offers both whole Tuning vehicles and tuning parts for sale. For example, the company offers body kits for Japanese vehicle brands such as Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, German vehicle brands like MercedesBenz, BMW, Audi, PorscheBritish vehicle brands like Rollce Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Italian vehicle brands like Maserati, Lamborghini, American vehicle brands like Chrysler and Chevrolet. The body kits from Wald International look very elegant but sometimes also extravagant. Wald also sells international rims. In the program, the tuner offers a choice of over 20 different rims. The company also offers accessories for rims such as hub caps and wheel valve caps. Small accessories are also available from Wald International. Among them there are various emblems, e.g. for the tailgate. But there are also more unusual accessories at the tuner from Japan. These include, for example, safety LED lights for the doors. Under the Blan Ballen brand, the customer is offered additional exterior parts such as Panamericana or diamond grills for Mercedes-Benz models, LED daytime running lights and fog lights, LED side lights and much more. There is more about the company