Z Performance Wheels

At Z-Performance Wheels everything started with a simple idea that became a movement. Sly Zed was passionate about cars and tuning. He was always looking for the best the market had to offer. For years, however, he had to experience disappointment again and again in terms of choice, price and quality of the products. Therefore, he founded Z Performance Wheels in the year 2002. This happened together with a team, which had a 25-year experience. Since that time, the company sets standards in the bicycle industry and thus the car tuning. The wheels are new and evolutionarily constructed. In addition, the high quality of Z Performance Wheels has raised quality standards. The company is located in Wörthersee and Essen is the exhibition center. Z-Performance now offers numerous wheels for every car. The German manufacturers are well covered. Belong to these BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel and more. An important concern for Z Performance is to make customers happy. And that's one reason to move forward as a company. There is more about the company z-performance.com.

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