If the car needs ironing: the dent repair kit!

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Unexpectedly comes often. This also applies when driving a car. A careless parking is enough and the body is disfigured by a small dent. Sometimes you don't even have to drive to be in trouble. Missing the bollard when opening the door, hitting the fender with the shopping trolley in the supermarket car park: there are many pitfalls and the appearance of your own car can quickly be ruined – including a loss in value. Luckily, the QUIXX dent repair kit can help in many cases. The do-it-yourself repair works in no time and for only €19,95. With the QUIXX dent repair set, every do-it-yourselfer can become a dent doctor without any previous knowledge, because modern paintwork is quite stretchy when heated.

QUIXX dent repair set

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The set was specially developed by surface repair professionals for quick and effective do-it-yourself application. It is suitable for treating most dents without sharp edges in flat body areas. The size of the damage should be between 2,5 cm and 8 cm, the limiting factors are the diameters of the enclosed pull knobs. As is typical for QUIXX, the all-inclusive set contains all the utensils required for the repair and is delivered in a folding box made of FSC-certified wood.

This is how paint lifting works with the QUIXX dent repair set

The following principle applies to do-it-yourself repairs: The softer and rounder the outer edges of a dent are, the easier it is to repair. Warmth is important because cold paint is brittle and can easily break. So wait for a nice day with temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius and get to work. The detailed instructions from QUIXX explain each work step in detail, even for laypeople. Would you rather see than read? The entire process is explained step by step in the QUIXX video tutorial.

In a nutshell, it works like this: Thoroughly clean the surface, preheat the included hot glue gun, select the appropriate pull plate and fill its holes with glue, place immediately in the center of the dent. As soon as the adhesive holds, place the supplied repair bracket over the center of the screw thread of the tension plate that is glued on, guide the handle onto the screw thread and slowly turn clockwise until the desired reshaping of the sheet metal is achieved or the tension plate detaches from the substrate. In the case of stubborn dents, the process may have to be repeated. It is in the nature of things that there may be more than just a dent to repair after a heavy hailstorm. No problem with QUIXX. The dent repair kit is very economical and is sufficient for several applications. And when free time is scarce or the weather changes, the do-it-yourselfer doesn't have to worry. The material can also be processed in several stages.

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