Swirl flaps / intake manifold flaps: Identify and fix defects!

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An internal combustion engine needs air to burn the fuel. So that the air filling in the combustion chamber is optimized, so-called Swirl flaps installed in the intake tract of diesel engines (also called intake manifold flap or swirl flap). There is a similar procedure in Otto engines and this is called a tumple flap. Targeted opening and closing of the flaps can improve fuel combustion, depending on the load and engine speed. Exhaust emissions are reduced and consumption drops. Due to age-related wear or design errors, however, it can happen that the swirl flaps are no longer controlled properly or break or deflect. Then, insofar as one does not stand on one Swirl Removal Kit can/would like to fall back on a Repair

Signs / Symptoms

Check engine light MKL Lights up red

  • Reduced engine power
  • engine judder
  • RPM fluctuations at idle
  • slow drop in speed after releasing the gas
  • possibly the mixing ratio of fuel and air in the cylinders is no longer correct
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Faulty memory entry such as: "Function of the variable intake manifold incorrect", "Intake manifold flap air flow control bank 1 is stuck"

Since it is a mechanical component, a diagnosis can usually only be made via a visual inspection. The following problems would have to be ruled out:

  • Servomotor or actuator linkage is loose or stuck.
  • The vacuum hose on the actuator is leaking or it is not seated correctly.

What can you confuse defective suction flaps with?

If the diagnosis is poor, defects in the suction flaps can be mistaken for a defect in the throttle valve, for example. Since the engine system does not always recognize the mechanical fault as the cause, there are also some wrong error memory entries. For example, such a may misleadingly suggest that the diesel particulate Filter is full, although the problem is not with the filter but with the suction flaps. A correct diagnosis is therefore important so that parts that are still working correctly are not replaced unnecessarily.

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Continue driving with defective suction flaps?

If the problem is known, the defect in the suction flaps must be repaired quickly. A defect in the flaps increases exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. The environment and wallet are unnecessarily burdened. If a flap breaks, small parts can also get into the extraction tract and cause expensive damage to the engine. In the event of malfunctions in the suction flaps, the diesel particles also become clogged over time. This can also end up being expensive. And you should also consider that if the check engine light comes on because of a defective intake flap, the main inspection will not be passed. And that also applies if the exhaust emissions are too high because of the defect.

Replace or repair defective suction flaps.

In the event of a defect, all suction flaps should be together with the control be replaced. Replacing individual flaps or installing used spare parts is not recommended. On the contrary, we even recommend an improved one Swirl flap repair kit. Improved variants are made, for example, from high-quality aluminum 6060-T66. In order to exchange the suction flaps, the suction pipe be dismantled. Depending on vehicle type, other parts and hoses may need to be removed first to gain access. And after the exchange, one usually has to be Basic setting be made.

Costs of replacing defective suction flaps.

The material costs of new suction flaps depend on the problem and vehicle type. For some vehicles there are only whole packages with original parts from the manufacturer, for other models there are special sets that can be used. Well-known manufacturers include Bosch, Pierburg and Febi Bielstein. The total material costs are between 80 and 650 euros. Depending on the vehicle type, there is also the amount of work involved. The effort can last from one to six hours. And if there are two banks of cylinders, the effort involved in changing them even increases. And even more extra work is added when deposits in the intake tract caused by the recirculation of the exhaust gases have to be removed first. The pure labor costs should also be considered.

The following note is essential: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusively to be carried out in a specialist workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot assume any liability for the content. All information is therefore "without guarantee".

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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