Changing the gear oil yourself: cost / instructions / when?

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Cost and guide to change the transmission oil! Gear oil is an important lubricant in a car. It prevents friction in the drive technology. Metallic components are installed everywhere in the engine compartment of the car. These heat up and also come into contact with each other. The wear of these components without oil would be extremely high. The good thing, the gear oil just has to be about all 10 years change. But changing the transmission oil is expensive. But with a little skill you can also change the transmission oil yourself. This saves you money!

Find the right gear oil!

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you should look first what oil is used. You should only use the oil that matches the characteristics of your car and that was filled in at the factory. You may even find which oil is right for your car in the user manual or in various forums. The gearbox manufacturers also have a few special pages on the web that show what kind of oil you can/must use. On a rental workshop map you can find out where you can rent the next lifting platform. The tools for the change are usually only one ratchet, Phillips screwdriver and a bigger one syringe. The materials for the change are one Oil filler plug/oil drain plug and transmission oil, a sump and Gloves.

Raise the car with the lift

  • First, the vehicle must be raised with a lifting platform. It should remain in this position throughout the oil change. Of course, you have to work under your car to change the oil. The vehicle should be completely level on the lift. Tip: A jack is not suitable for changing the transmission oil.

Remove the cover on the transmission

  • There are screws on the gearbox cover, you can remove them with a Phillips/Torx easily solve. If there are still aft screws, you can remove them with the ratchet. Then the cover is loosened and pulled off with your hands. The oil drain plug and the oil filler plug are now visible. The oil filler plug is often located at the top of the page.

The oil pan is placed under the car

  • You should now place the oil pan under the car so that the transmission oil can be caught.

Loosen the two relevant screws to drain the oil

  • First you start by unscrewing the inlet screw. Then the drain plug is unscrewed. Now the oil runs through the drain plug into the oil pan. The oil should drain to the end, leaving almost no oil in the gearbox.

Replacing the oil drain plug

  • First, the oil must be completely drained so that a new oil drain plug can be inserted. You also need to make sure that the NEW gasket is in place and perfectly seated on the bolt. The screw can then be inserted and tightened.

Fill the gearbox with the gearbox oil

  • The syringe is now required for this. With gear oil, as with engine oil, you should branded oils only use. Then the oil is drawn up with the syringe. Now you go with the hose into the oil filler opening. The hose should reach well into the oil filler hole. Then you can fill the new oil into the gearbox. Repeat this process until the oil runs out of the filler opening. The perfect transmission oil level has now been reached. After that, one new filler plug used and tightened. This way you can be sure that the opening will not leak. Then the cover is put on and screwed tight.

Video with instructions for changing the transmission oil!

When should the transmission oil be changed?

Of course, changing the transmission oil depends on the vehicle type. However, the transmission oil should generally be used at a mileage of 150.000-180.000 kilometers change. A change of the transmission oil is also necessary for cars with a long-life guarantee. Of course, the transmission oil can also do all of them five to eight years change. If there are noises or defects in the gearbox, an oil change is absolutely necessary. Of course, this must be checked on a case-by-case basis, as no general statement can be made.

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These warnings should be heeded!

The oil can of course vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A look at the car's operating instructions also helps here, as there is usually a recommendation to be found there. The oil should too GL-3 to GL-5 be suitable. It should also, of course only special gear oil be used and not engine oil or any other oil.

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