The tailgate / trunk no longer closes? You can do that!

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If the tailgate of the car can no longer be closed, it becomes a Safety risk for all road users. Also at the The defect will cause difficulties during the main inspection. The reason for the disruption can be varied. A worn hinge/seal, a defective lock or material wear on other components can mean that the tailgate can no longer be closed properly. And if the flap is controlled electrically, the causes can also be electronic in nature. You can find out more in the following guide about the costs of a repair and what needs to be considered.

Continue despite the defect?

Since a tailgate that does not close poses a direct safety risk to all road users, you should drive by car as soon as possible go to a car repair shop. There is also a risk for the biennial HU. Because the Defect represents a "significant defect", which means that the HU is not passed. If there is only an electrical problem, but the flap can still be closed by hand, this will not be criticized.

Repair options and how much do they cost?

The problem or the cause is decisive for the repair measures. This is one of the most common problem areas Tailgate lock, which no longer meshes correctly. A catch hook or locking wedge that has become worn through frequent use (Counterpart of the lock on the body) is a common cause. should that Tailgate lock need to be replaced Costs of around 30 to 350 euros on. It is usually sufficient to dismantle individual parts of the paneling in order to carry out the replacement. When repairing one electric tailgate lock must be renewed after a successful exchange Basic setting of the tailgate electronics.

The workload Depending on the model and the extent of the repair work, this takes between 30 minutes and a maximum of two hours. Assuming an hourly wage of 80 euros, the labor costs are between 40 and 160 euros. If, on the other hand, the exchange of the catch hook/locking wedge be necessary, material costs of only 10 to 50 euros and approx. 20 minutes of work are to be expected. It arise Costs from approx. 30 to a maximum of 80 euros.

In isolated cases, readjusting the tailgate can also fix the problem if it has warped somewhat due to age and wear. Readjusting hinges, bump stops and tailgate lock can already work wonders. However, if various rubber seals have to be replaced, this will of course be reflected in the surcharge and the additional effort.

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The following note is essential: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusively to be carried out in a specialist workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot assume any liability for the content. All information is therefore "without guarantee".

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

In this tuningblog category there are guides and instructions for common defects/repairs on the vehicle and for installing accessories/tuning parts. Our articles explain in a simple way common defects and the corresponding repairs and they also explain how the first signs of a defect become noticeable. In most cases, we also have initial clues to the repair instructions in our repair instructions approximate costs listed.

The goal of ourAuto Repair Guide“ is to create a head start in knowledge for the next visit to the workshop with initial tips. This may save you from tedious troubleshooting and you may even be able to do small things yourself. The same applies, of course, to the installation of accessories/tuning parts. Here, too, we would like to help with the implementation with instructions and tips. There are many other posts on this as well. Below is an excerpt of the last and HERE there are all previous instructions.

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