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Motorcycle black seat 4

Genuine leather is a wonderful product. It looks good, it flatters the skin and it is extremely versatile. But at some point the ravages of time gnaw at leather too. Frequent use simply causes signs of wear or damage: This applies to car seats and steering wheel covers as well as to sofas and armchairs in the living room. When used outdoors, leather is also exposed to a wide range of weather conditions and strong UV radiation. Good examples are the seats of motorcycles or open sports boats. Luckily, QUIXX has the Leather & Vinyl Repair Set for black surfaces as a cheap do-it-yourself alternative to expensive repairs at the saddler. The surface rescuers from Neuried near Munich offer the product "made in Germany" at an attractive price of 22,95 euros.

Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

Motorcycle Black Seat 3 1

As the name suggests, the leather & vinyl repair set from QUIXX not only helps to keep leather in shape. Small cracks or holes can also be easily repaired in smooth plastic surfaces, for example in car interiors. Typical of QUIXX is the simple and quick application of the product.

Do-it-yourself made easy: Unpack and get started

Motorcycle black seat 4

Particularly practical: the all-inclusive set contains everything you need for the application. This includes a tube of black leather paint, a bottle of leather cleaner, a sponge, a spatula, fine 2000-grit sandpaper, a sanding block, leather sealer, disposable gloves, a microfibre cloth and a piece of fabric to fill any holes. The detailed instructions explain step-by-step how do-it-yourself craftsmen use the leather & vinyl repair kit correctly. The helpful video tutorial also shows what this looks like in practice.

High-quality product and easy application ensure value retention

The leather & vinyl repair set was developed by the QUIXX repair professionals. With the do-it-yourself set, minor damage can be repaired easily and inexpensively. It also supports the sustainable value retention of the treated item. With the QUIXX Leather & Vinyl Repair Set, unsightly wear and tear on steering wheels, seats and many other surfaces are quickly a thing of the past.

The application at the seat

The application on the steering wheel


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