Cleaning instead of buying new – keep windshield wipers really clean!

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Broken wipers

If cleaning with the windscreen wipers from the car no longer works satisfactorily, then most people immediately reach for a new set. But a simple cleaning can replace new wipers in most cases. A look at the manual reveals how the wipers dismantled or set up will. are essential for cleaning Water and a soft one sponge. Also special is recommended car shampoo or conventional Dish soap. However, a cautious approach must be observed. In emergencies, by the way, you can also microfiber cloth be taken to help. However, solvents should be avoided.

Cleaning instead of buying new

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Because petrol or thinners attack the thinly applied graphite compound that is used in wiper rubbers from brand suppliers. One too intense However, cleaning with the recommended agents can sometimes also be harmful. Therefore, it is recommended to use the wipers several times a year to be checked in order to be able to react to any contamination. If one day a replacement is necessary, then we clearly recommend buying well-known models from leading brands. The higher price is worth it for the service life and quality of the windscreen wipers! But here, too, one should first consider an alternative. Namely the "Regrooving". You can do it like that HERE ...

The following note is essential: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusively to be carried out in a specialist workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot assume any liability for the content. All information is therefore "without guarantee".

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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