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"It's a real childhood love," Nikolai Kulterer and Tim Julian Winters explain their passion. The two managing directors of the German premium car care specialist Viamontis from Bad Wiessee have been committed to car care since they were teenagers. A particularly attractive product for high-quality interiors is Viamontis leather care, a balm that nourishes seats, steering wheels and paneling with its rich and natural ingredients and keeps them supple. A real fountain of youth, especially for heavily used surfaces.

Viamontis leather care

  • Suitable for smooth leather of all types and ages
  • Made from high-quality raw materials in Germany
  • Brings back the original look and color intensity
  • Very economical to use, very long surface protection
  • Also perfectly suitable for commercial use

Leather lives, they say. It ages gracefully, gaining patina and style. However, environmental influences such as dust and dirt or UV rays put a strain on the natural surface of the leather, causing it to become dry and cracked and leaching out the colours. This is where the leather care from Viamontis (180 ml for 27,95 euros) with its special depth effect comes into play.

Natural ingredients nourish the leather and keep it supple

The ingredients of Viamontis leather care meet high standards and are made from purely natural ingredients. The company does not add any colorings. Massaged into the top layer of leather, the leather balm has an impregnating effect, protects against further contamination and acts as a protective shield against UV radiation. Since it spreads deep into the top layer of leather and revitalizes the entire structure, the leather balm also prevents cracking and stops potential cracks from developing.

Suitable for smooth leather of all kinds

Viamontis leather care was composed for a wide range of applications and is suitable for smooth leather of all types and ages. It doesn't matter whether the leather is full-grain, corrected, dyed, lacquered or embossed. The caring effect can be observed in all types of smooth leather: the original look and the intensity of the colors come back, the leather feels supple again. Can not only be used in the car: Viamontis leather care was specially designed for use in cars, because this is where the two car care professionals Nikolai Kulterer and Tim Julian Winters gained their first experience. But of course Viamontis leather care is also suitable for the care of home furniture, such as sofas or leather chairs, leather clothing or shoes. Credit: Viamontis

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