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Preview: Subaru Levorg RR from tuner Rowen International

Rowen International Subaru Levorg Bodykit Tuning 4 Preview: Subaru Levorg RR from tuner Rowen International

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Visually a bit spacy, the Subaru Levorg is a mid-range vehicle from Subaru. It has been manufactured since 2014 and since then it has not been seen very often on our streets. 🙄 The Levorg is based on the platform of the Impreza and the Legacy - which it is also replacing in Europe. An unmistakable feature of the Levorg is, of course, the air scoop on the bonnet, which supplies the charge air cooler of the turbo engine with enough fresh air. However, if you reproduce the whole thing on the 170 PS 1.6 DIT, which only manages to reach 9 km / h in less than 100 seconds and already sails at 210 km / h, the whole thing seems a bit exaggerated. For the Japanese tuner Rowen International However, it is the optimal base to let off steam on the rest of the body. Yesterday, the company presented on its website a few virtual pictures showing the Levorg with a clearly modified outfit. Front there is a lavish bumper with LED daytime running lights and also the grille, without Subaru emblem, is new.

Rowen International Subaru Levorg Bodykit Tuning 3 Preview: Subaru Levorg RR from tuner Rowen International

New side skirts are also included and these seem to be the most inconspicuous component on the vehicle. In the pictures it appears that the rear side walls have received subtle essays and thus one can also assume that the front fenders were newly developed and slightly wider than the series components. Certainly we are not in this regard! Definitely sure we are but the conspicuous roof wing of the Bodykit heard. In addition, the completely redeveloped bumper for the rear, which has gills at the side and an integrated diffuser, is extremely extensive. The centered rear fog light we already know from other Rowen Bodykit's and also at Levorg it should provide more sportiness. Of course, various wheel sets are available and the virtual images already show two 5 spoke design versions in silver & gold. And even a significant lowering is, at least on the virtual images, already recognizable and certainly one will move here with a coilover suspension of the vehicle height to body. There is not much more to say at the moment so that we leave it for the time being with the pictures. As soon as the Rowen RR Bodykit is officially presented, we will of course inform you. It's best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

(Photos: Rowen International)

These are the changes to the Subaru Levorg RR:

  • Rowen International RR Bodykit (bumper with LED daytime running lights, grille without emblem, side skirts, side walls possibly with Koflügelverbreiterungen, front fender possibly new, roof spoiler, rear bumper with gills and integrated diffuser with rear fog light)
  • various wheelsets (eg 5 spokes design in silver or gold)
  • Lowering (RR coilover suspension)
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • different sports exhaust system (eg with blue burned tailpipes)

⚠ A slightly older body kit for the Levorg is already available ⬇

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youtube Preview: Subaru Levorg RR from tuner Rowen International


  1. Did the author forget that the Levorg in Japan also has a more powerful engine? There it is with 298 hp from a 2,0 liter DIT engine. This accelerates the Levorg to one hundred km / h in 5,5 seconds. So it has almost the same values ​​as the WRX STI.

    It is still a shame that this motorization does not exist in Germany. Fucking fleet consumption ... The car would be a great car for hunting GTIs and Co.

  2. Hello Christopher,

    No, don't forget 🙂 We just don't have the FA20 4-cylinder boxer with 300 PS & 400 NM torque. But of course you are right, because there is probably also less body kit with us so that we could have mentioned it! The presentation vehicle may even be such a 2 l variant. Thanks for your comment…

    VG Tom

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