Chip tuning by Ingenext for the Tesla Model 3

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Ingenext Chiptuning Tesla Model 3 Software Chiptuning by Ingenext for the Tesla Model 3

So far it was not really possible to modify a Stromer with the sometimes simple and relatively cheap additional control units for combustion engines. If you want to unlock more power there, you have previously required significantly more effort and costs. It would also be too easy to modify a “normal” electric drive of a Tesla Model 3 via software and remove the factory-set power limitation. But a Canadian workshop now seems to have succeeded in doing just that. They seem to have deciphered the Tesla control and are now selling various chip tuning packages that are supposed to make various Model 3s stronger and faster at a lower price. But that's only partly a world premiere, as we think, because the so-called "Tesla chip Tesla range extender“The website has been haunted for some time with various promises such as better charging times and less battery wear. So far, there has only been a real increase in performance from Ingenext!

Chip tuning for the Tesla Model 3

Ingenext Chiptuning Tesla Model 3 Software 3 e1592307216387 Chiptuning from Ingenext for the Tesla Model 3

So back to the Canadian version! The provider calls the product “Boost 50” and it is basically comparable to conventional chip tuning for a combustion engine. And for the chip tuning revolution for Tesla brand electric vehicles, the company even has a name specifically responsible for production and sales ingenext called on the map. The modified software from Ingenext, installed via a web interface, supposedly increases the performance of the Tesla Model 3 with a large battery and two electric motors (Long Range AWD) by 50 hp. This allows the Stromer to accelerate from 3,8 to 4,4 km / h in 0 instead of 96 seconds. There should even be a special drift mode that is actually reserved for the Model 3 Performance. In the online shop, chip tuning is currently available for $ 1.100, which means a saving of $ 900 compared to the factory software boost for Tesla's Model 3 LR AWD.

Load the software like on a PC

And installing the software doesn't seem to be any more difficult than installing a new program on a conventional PC. Ingenext states that the buyer only has to connect a small extra device with two connectors to the Model 3 media computer and the new electronics can be written down. And the Boost 50 product just seems like something Stage 1 for the model 3. Ingenext has intensively dealt with a base vehicle of a model 3, which has been upgraded especially for a customer from an electric motor to an all-wheel drive variant with two electric motors including a new battery. And apparently you go one step further and offer the conversion to the most powerful model as a Model 3 Performance for vehicles with all-wheel drive.

$ 2250 for 150 horsepower

Ingenext supposedly enables a whopping 2.250 hp more power for $ 150 without the sport extras (tires, brakes, chassis) that Tesla offers for around $ 8.000 in the performance package. Due to the higher effort, a vehicle for the major upgrade must go directly to the Ingenext workshop. However, this is also the case with the so-called "Ghost Performance" update from Tesla. If we receive timely information on further changes from Ingenext for Tesla vehicles, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Ingenext Chiptuning Tesla Model 3 Software 4 Chiptuning by Ingenext for the Tesla Model 3

Of course that had not happened yet!

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