Video: A Tesla Model 3 as a racing car for drifting?

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Tesla Model 3 as a racing car 1 Video: A Tesla Model 3 as a racing car for drifting?

In the last few weeks it's all about the new one Tesla Model S plaid and its Nürburgring gadgets. One forgets that Model 3 performance, which apart from the significantly lower performance, actually the much better "Racing car“Is. The smaller, lighter and more agile electric sedan recently tried its hand at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the Tesla tuner Unplugged performance given a lot of attention. And now there is another vehicle that we would like to show you in a video. This example is so extensively rebuilt that we cannot mention all changes. That would get out of hand! Instead, let's focus on the most important changes. The interior was complete, among other things emptied and got one Roll cage. Only the central display is still there. The rest of the dashboard, on the other hand, is gone and either through carbon parts oder durch nothing replaced.

only 1.723 kg empty weight

That too roof and the rear window have been replaced by carbon, which also applies to the no longer working Rear doors is applicable. The result is an approximate weight loss 181 kg. That's enough to keep the Model 3 on only 1.723 kg empty weight bring to. It's still difficult for a racing car, but a good value for an electric vehicle. Visually there was another powerful one front splitter and a large cooler that is installed where the frunk used to be. He is needed to power the battery to cool off. There is one more XXL rear wing and a huge one diffuser. By the way, the car is driven by Daijiro Yoshihara (Dai), who in the video is the 305 Toyo R888R tires properly used.


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