Video: 700 PS Toyota Supra Mk4 TRD 3000GT JDM widebody!

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Toyota Supra Mk4 TRD 3000GT JDM Widebody 4 Video: 700 hp Toyota Supra Mk4 TRD 3000GT JDM Widebody!

With the debut of the new Supra, the value of classic Mk4 models has increased further. The interest is extremely high, not only in tuned vehicles, but also in standard vehicles. And the following vehicle is an extremely rare example with lots of tuning parts. Mat Watson usually tests new cars for Carwow, but this time it's a classic. Japan has a racing series called JGTC, and to celebrate the Supra's debut at the time, it did Toyota Racing Development (TRD) built a version approved for road traffic, also known as the 3000GT was designated. The basis was a super touring racing car GT500 with a similar one Wide body kit. And one of the vehicles, the number 29, is now driving Mat. They are installed next to the Advan foiling a new front bumper, fender with additional air vents and a large one rear spoiler.

approx. 700 hp provide powerful propulsion

In addition is the Covered underbody and also one Bonnet with air openings for the powerful engine can be seen. Currently the vehicle has probably around 700 PS and the 2JZ is braked with a 8-piston brake system with XXL brake discs. According to the video, only 45 such vehicles have been built, of which only 16 are still alive. The owner still has his Supra with special tail lights, One Carbon diffuser and a GReddy exhaust system equipped. Send them too Volk Racing 6-spoke rims are new. Inside there is an interior in top condition with a lot Alcantara, Carbon and a Alpine sound system with 1000 watts.


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700 PS Toyota Supra Mk4 TRD 3000GT JDM widebody!

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