All camping needs satisfied with the Toyota TRD Sport Trailer!

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Toyota TRD Sport Trailer Camping Tacoma Tuning 6 All camping needs satisfied with the Toyota TRD Sport Trailer!

Toyota had the in November 2021 TRD Sport trailer teased and now it is officially presented. The TRD Sport Trailer is one of Toyota's 2020 SEMA products and it is said to bring the solid off-road qualifications and reputation of Toyota in the off-road segment to the Toyota Pickup and SUV range complete. The trailer was built by Toyota and Marty Schwerter Motorsports garage. Toyota uses that Loading area of ​​the Tacoma as a platform and creates the available space optimally out. The trailer has every imaginable comfort and at the same time one low center of gravity. The TRD Sport Trailer has one as a highlight Scissor lift installedwho have favourited an innovative rigid platform lifts from the truck bed onto the Yakima tent for four persons with awning and fly screen installed. There is also a dedicated toilet, trash can, refrigerator, water heater, shower with curtain, power generator, Optima Yellow Top battery, and a 16 gallon battery Fresh water tank.

also included - sink and stove

Toyota TRD Sport Trailer Camping Tacoma Tuning 8 All camping needs satisfied with the Toyota TRD Sport Trailer!

It continues with a 15 gallon Gray water supply as well as a pull-out Washbasin and a Stove. And that was just the beginning! Schwerter worked closely with the partners Bass pro shops and Cabela's together to ensure that the TRD-Sport Trailer also comes with a Outdoor gear who. Fishing rods, Fishing tackle and Networks Is provided. Countless equipment such as waders, coffee cups, cookware and other important things are also included. When fully equipped, the TRD-Sport Trailer creates a fully equipped one Campsite for several people, even the environment illuminate can. Make possible that several accessory LED lights of the RIGID A Series the extreme little Consume electricity.

TRD Pro rims and General Grabber X3 tires

For a romantic setting with less light takes care of one in the evening Yakima SunBelt lamp. And information is now also available on the mighty wheelset. The trailer has TRD Pro rims built in black with General Grabber X3 tires in format 285/70/17 are related. Incidentally, Cripwerx Engineering also supported the project and the KC's Paint Shop was used for painting BASF paint, suitable for the OEM Cement gray color des Tacoma, responsible. The special affixed graphics come from The DecalSource. The end result is a driving one multi-toolthat fits perfectly with Toyota's pickup and SUV range.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Toyota TRD Sport Trailer with loading area from the Toyota Tacoma!

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