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More power with the OEM engine! This is how e-bike tuning works!

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E-bike driving e1610690104884 More power with the OEM motor! This is how E Bike Tuning works!

Now that we know how to use the e-bike illegally without problems at over 50 km / h brings, and also the same have illuminated the penalties, we would like to tell you now, like a tuning LEGAL can be carried out. Who with his e-bike with the thought of one Tuning, just in terms of that Performance plays that should ALWAYS be careful. Because you can move quickly in the unauthorized area where penalties can threaten. But to a limited extent there is also the option of one legal e-bike tuningwhat is available if you want a little more performance.

Legal tuning on the e-bike is possible

On straight and long stretches, the electric motor on an e-bike supports the rider. But what works well as support on a long, straight stretch can be quick on inclines a problem will. Starting from gradients of 10 Prozent, you can often do with an e-bike no real support find out more. The result is then usually the Descent from the e-bike and pushing it over the incline. Because complete without support is an e-bike compared to a conventional bicycle significantly heavier.

Pinion E Bike Tuning e1610713695792 More power with the OEM motor! This is how E Bike Tuning works!

The main reason why an e-bike has problems with inclines is that capacity from the engine. Above all, the so-called Number of revolutions a role in the electric motor. When it comes to the performance of the electric motor, the number of revolutions plays a major role in terms of the capacity, at slopes it comes to one Reducing the number of revolutions. And it is precisely this reduction that makes itself felt Reduzierung the service or a full failure noticeable.

Legal trick usually sufficient for more performance

By the Change the sprocket will achieve an increase in performance that is sufficient, especially on inclines in everyday life. Of course, there can also be a case where such an exchange might occur unsatisfactory is. If that's the case, there is another another legal option. So can the rear sprocket with a derailleur or Hub gear can be exchanged for a larger pinion with more teeth.

10-speed cassette E Bike Tuning More power with the OEM motor! This is how E Bike Tuning works!

Especially with modern e-bikes, the equipment is included 10-speed cassettes. Big sprockets usually have here 32 or 34 teethIf an exchange takes place, the new pinion must if possible 40 or even 42 teeth to have. This change with a larger sprocket gives you an increase in performance of 20 percent sure. In such a case, however, you not only need something suitable for the exchange Lockring Toolbut also one Chain whip. Since the cassettes can have a very tight fit, you should pay attention to high quality when choosing tools. But one thing should be noted, especially when replacing a sprocket with 42 teeth, the old chain may be too short. In such a case, the chain must be replaced.

And what does the exchange bring?

If the motor of the e-bike previously needed 12 km / h for full power, now a speed of 8 km / h or approx. 6 km / h is sufficient thanks to the replacement. By the way, the motor will not be damaged by replacing the pinion, because the motor does not rotate faster, but changes the external implementation. However, depending on the e-bike, the changed translation is recognized by the engine as an error and accordingly a Error message indicates. If this is the case, the software must be adapted by a bicycle workshop. The trick presented here for tuning the e-bike is legally, as the maximum speed of 25 km per hour never changes. Just that maximum top speed with sheer muscle strength it drops a little.

The mid-engine is often installed!

Bosch Performance CX drive system tuning e1610630327203 More power with the OEM motor! This is how E Bike Tuning works!

There are different types of electric motor on an e-bike. The most common electric motor is that mid-engine. The mid-engine needs one average speed from 12 km/hso that you can get the full power Has. This 12 km / h can be easily reached on a straight stretch, but on inclines, such as a steep hill or even in driveways, the engine power is often no longer sufficient to be able to maintain the 12 km / h.

More power with the engine through legal tuning

If you don't want to be satisfied with the performance problems on climbs, there is the option of Tuning. The one described below Tuning trick is not forbidden. Strictly speaking, it's not even tuning. But the trick is to make sure that you more efficient gets. So that you get more power from the mid-engine, you have to convert it. You have to start with Gear ratio between tire and drive. You have to do this pinion change, specifically you have to be at the front of the engine a small pinion deploy. And on the rear wheel you have to a big pinion here. And this trick doesn't just work for one Hub gear, but also with one Derailleur. The effect is even with a derailleur besser. But there is one exception. And with an e-bike with one Hub motor. Unfortunately, this type of conversion does not work there.

10-speed cassette E Bike Tuning 1 e1610713893943 More power with the OEM motor! This is how E Bike Tuning works!

Bosch motors in particular have one with the smallest pinion 14 teeth. If you replace a large pinion with 20 teeth by a little with 14 teeth, one can Performance increase of 30 percent achieve. Will be a pinion with 18 teeth replaced, you still get an increase of 22 Prozent. If you want to change the sprockets on an e-bike, you can find numerous instructions on the Internet. For the exchange itself, you only need one Set of Allen keys, one Viola case and special tools. You usually need one Crank puller to be able to remove the side of the pinion. You also need the so-called Lockring tool or even the Spider, for mounting the pinion on the motor. The trick presented here for tuning the e-bike is legallybecause at no time is the top speed with e-help changed from 25 km per hour. Just that maximum top speed with pure muscle power it drops a little.

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