Eleglide Tankroll: E-Fatbike with mighty 26×4.0 tires!


 Below we have included a short video for you that not only shows how to work on a 760 hp Alpina B5 BiTurbo conveniently an e-bike on a special bike rack can attach, but also the brand new one Egelide tank roll shows in detail. And we even had the honor of being able to try the monster with 26×4.0 inch off-road tires directly. The e-bike arrived in the basic color black and with a red top-off design. The delivery was quick and free of defects. When opening the "relatively" handy transport packaging, the e-bike immediately makes a well-made impression. The battery is installed in the down tube of the frame and four threads are directly recognizable on the head tube below the handlebars, which are intended for the installation of baskets, front luggage racks or similar. This is an additional benefit for various purposes.

The Eleglide Tankroll in detail!

By the way, we think it's cool that some cables are built into the frame cavity, what an e-bike in this price range (only 1.199 €) is not common. Visually, this design is much more elegant and from a technical point of view it offers better protection. Incidentally, setting up the Eleglide Tankroll is quick and easy. The time required for unpacking and setting up the e-bike and disposing of the packaging material was around 1 to 1,5 hours at most. It should be mentioned that with this model you have to mount the front brake caliper yourself, which is not rocket science and is completed with only two screws. By the way: A video instruction for the professional construction can be viewed on Youtube, with a special entertainment bonus. we have the video at the end of the post embedded for you.

Mudguard belongs on it, but looks uncool

By the way, for our first photos we of course attached the plastic wheel covers (mudguards) to the tank roll according to the regulations. This can be done quickly with just seven screws (front & back). But we were unanimously of the opinion that the fat bike looks good without the fenders much cooler out. So we dismantled them! Dirty clothes are guaranteed, but the eye goes along with it. And since "tuning" is our passion, we combined it right away. You can also make modifications to an e-bike in a very simple way! The following is the photo gallery with the fenders, and the rest of the post shows the tank roll as "Tuning blog tuning version' without the covers.

By the way, the built-in features of the Eleglide Tankroll are really good. In principle, entry-level components are installed, but the overall package fits and everything works. The drive system runs on 250 watts at 48 V and delivers a maximum torque of 57 Nm. That's really impressive for a rear-wheel drive. Incidentally, the battery can be removed with a key (2 pieces are included) and has an output of 480 Wh. This means that the tank roll can be supplied with energy for up to 70 kilometers. However, the e-bike is only equipped with a simple pedal sensor and therefore consumes more energy. We therefore estimate the real range to be more like 50 kilometers. Incidentally, the Eleglide Tankroll comes with an LCD and behaves synchronously with the drive system, as a remote unit. The feature is not a matter of course for the price segment.

7-speed Shimano gears

The display is rather large compared to other display units and shows the most important driving data. Only the readability of the display is difficult because it is not bright enough. There are 5 levels to choose from for driving, which differ in terms of maximum speed. This design is common on inexpensive e-bikes, but it does not always make sense. Because the top speed of 25 km/h is only supported at the highest level. The first four levels are graded downwards accordingly. A 7-speed Shimano circuit with Tourney rear derailleur is installed at the factory, which can be operated using a simple shifter on the handlebars. In principle it can be said that we consider the traditional switching systems to be disadvantageous. A reasonable shifter is the more comfortable solution these days and would have been nice.

Disc brakes front and rear

Two disc brakes are installed on the tank roll. One in front and one behind. They ensure a safe deceleration, which, however, was not exceptionally high at the beginning. But after the bike was properly broken in and various fine adjustments were made to the braking system, sharp or slightly controlled deceleration is possible without any problems. In addition, as a further feature, a stable suspension fork is installed at the front, which offers further driving comfort. The fork is designed with a lockout feature and offers individual adjustment options depending on the surface or riding habits. This is not usual for this price range and therefore there are: a real thumbs up! A front light, which is operated by the battery, is also installed.

Possible uses and driving behavior with the Tankroll!

The manufacturer states that the Tankroll is suitable for adventures on any terrain. Depending on individual needs, the requirements for driving behavior can of course differ significantly. Asphalt cowboy or wild off-road freak? It's a good bike for on-road and light off-road, but for extreme mountain biking it really gets "Abenteuerliche“, especially since there is no rear suspension. The bike is only suitable for off-road use to a limited extent. On the other hand, one can say that with a body height of 1,75 meters one can adopt a comfortable leg position at any time.

In general, the tank roll is safe and relaxed to drive. The fat tires look voluminous and you quickly get a sublime driving experience. Adverse and treacherous road surfaces such as cobblestones or various root plants are safely rolled over with the tank roll. The engine snaps and has an enormous torque of 57 Nm. The Tankroll is also a lot of fun on inclines thanks to the powerful motor. Even on steeper slopes, the engine shows its will and so it is even possible to climb up at 25 km/h.

And finally ... We think the Eleglide Tankroll is a great fat bike with a fun factor. The remote unit is protected from the weather according to IPX4 and the speedster is really fun all around. It can even be mounted on the bicycle carrier mentioned at the beginning and thus transported safely. Depending on the framework, this is always more or less possible. A thumbs up for that too. The typical online dealers (Amazon, etc.) are good sources of supply for the E-Fatbike. If you are looking for a functional fun bike that offers a great set-up for relatively little money, then you can't go wrong with the tank roll e-bike.

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