Auto subscription: everything you need to know about the subscription model!

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At some point it will be time to get a new car. Who the car but neither buy or lease has another option: subscribe to the car. But how does one work Car SUBSCRIPTION at all? Which services are included? And for whom is the degree worthwhile? Tuning blog clears up.

Car subscription: what you need to know!

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  1. What is the car subscription?
  2. Car subscription and leasing, the difference!
  3. Car subscription: these are the requirements!
  4. Who offers a car subscription?
  5. Price examples from the car subscription!
  6. Advantages / disadvantages of the car subscription!
  7. What do you have to pay attention to with a car subscription?
  8. For whom is the car subscription worthwhile?

When it comes to one New cars then a car subscription is definitely one of them uncomplicated options. That makes it primarily interesting for drivers who without much effort want to be mobile. In principle, it is the same as with any other subscription: Instead of the purchase price, a monthly installment is paid. These includes both taxes, maintenance and insurance, making it a kind of all-round carefree package for drivers. Because apart from the fuel costs, most of the services are covered by the subscription. And occasionally there are even subscriptions that also include fuel costs.


What is a car subscription?

The subscription model is no longer exclusive to TV or music streaming services. In the meantime, it has also reached the vehicles. As with every subscription, the subscribed product - in this case the car - can be used during the term of the contract. The resulting rate includes all Additional costs and is thus a kind All-inclusive flat rate for the car. The following costs are almost always included:

  • Insurance
  • Vehicle taxes
  • Checking, maintenance and TÜV
  • wear parts
  • tires
  • manchmal the fuel or electricity

Usually the remaining is the Fuel and electricitythat have to be paid for by the user. Also the Car wash costs will will not borne by the provider. The car subscription can therefore be compared with short-term use, as is the case with Carsharing occurs. Since the vehicles always preconfigured are, can no changes more can be done on the equipment. The periods are usually much shorter than with leasing and have a term of one to six months, depending on the provider. Also longer terms there are now and then. Such subscriptions are used for both Commercial as well as private customers. The cost point starts at around 200 Euros monthly for a small car. The monthly price is from different factors dependent. In general, however, the higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the monthly rate. Vehicles from the luxury segment can go a long way every month over 1.000 euros cost and with a one-time Entry fee accompanied. "back


Car subscription and leasing, the difference!

As with leasing, with a car subscription you get a vehicle with a certain term for a monthly Fixed amount. The car itself belongs to the user in both cases will not. There are those maturities in the subscription model less than with leasing, which is required for at least 12 months. There is also a car subscription flexible vehicle change possible and the conclusion can be done quickly and easily online. Due to the shorter term and the all-inclusive package, the monthly installments are higher. Nevertheless, all services are except Fuel bill and Vehicle washing included in the price.

Leasing car financing return

Kilometers that zusätzlich must be driven to the contractually stipulated kilometers later get paid.
In most cases it is Car leasing cheaperalthough not all services are covered. There are additional packages, but a comparable one All inclusive package for taxes, wearing parts and tires will not. The advantage, however, is that leasing vehicles can be tailored to your own needs can be configuredwhat kind of vehicles in the car subscription not possible. "back

Car subscription: these are the requirements

Nicht nur die Contract period, the notice periods and the pricing differ for the individual providers - including those Requirements are kept different. What requirements these are must be in the Individual case being checked. Most car subscriptions have the following requirements:

  • Some providers charge a registration fee when registering for the first time
  • Depending on the provider, it has to minimum age are between 18 and 23 years of age
  • Depending on the provider, the maximum is maximum age 75 years
  • A company or residence in Germany must be available
  • Depending on the provider, there is a EU driving license required who is already two or three years old
  • The degree is with a negative credit bureau not possible "back

Driving license driving license provisions law 3

Who offers a car subscription?

Meanwhile there are numerous car subscription offers. Either automakers like Mercedes, Opel and Volvo, Car rental companies like Sixt or Buchbinder and Car Dealer offer the subscriptions. But also Companies and Start-ups such as Cluno or Finn are represented among the car subscriptions. The difference lies in the vehicles offered. While manufacturers like Volvo exclusively Offering their own models, startups and car rental companies have a wide range of offers to choose from. These offers in turn differ from provider to provider in terms of price and performance. At Like2drive For example, various inclusive kilometer packages are offered, cheaper car rental starts at € 173,90 per month, Conqar has the fuel costs with you, Faren offers both new and young used cars and at Abo-a-car can have a second driver without further costs be registered. "back

Price examples from the car subscription!

Find numerous Manufacturers, startups, car rental companies and car dealerships offer this service. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does provide a starting point.

  • Manufacturer: Mercedes me Flexperience, Care by Volvo, VW Financial Services, Mini Subscribe, Porsche Drive Abo, BMW Rent, PSA, Opel,
  • Startups: Clumo,, Like2drive, Faaren, Flexxdrive, Nextmove
  • Car rental company: Sixt +, Hertz, Buchbinder
  • Car dealerships: SiebrEcht Auto-Abo, Deisenroth and Söhne Auto-Abo

In addition to the classic gasoline engines, there are also vehicles Hydrogen, hybrids, e-cars as well as unusual models in the car subscription. The provider "The luxury car club" offers sporty models such as the Ferrari Protofino, the Bentley Continental GT but also the Lamborghini Urus in subscription models and from Schmidt-Bernsdorf there are those RS models from Audi. And Sixt also has sporty vehicles at the beginning. In addition to a one-time admission fee are the respective monthly rates due. Road surfers however, offers Camper, with various models like the VW T6.1 or the Mercedes V-Class from 849 euros are available monthly. And e-cars? ViveLaCar offers the Hyundai Nexo, which is powered by hydrogen, and Cluno, Finn or Sixt have the Jaguar I-Pace, the Renault Zoe and the BMW i3 on offer. "back

Car Subscription Jaguar I Pace

Advantages / disadvantages of the car subscription!

As with everything else, there are different models of subscription for cars Advantages and disadvantagesthat should be weighed against each other before closing.

  • Advantages:
    - Taxes and insurance are in the monthly rate containwhat a full Cost control allows
    - Also New cars can be driven without high acquisition costs
    - Large selection new models with the latest technology
    - By that short contract period a high degree of flexibility is offered
    - Most of the time digital registration process is quick and easy
    - There are both manufacturer and cross-model offers
    - There can be different technologies like Hybrid or electric gefahren werden
    - The depreciation is irrelevant
    - After the end of the contract, some manufacturers offer a Purchase option an

Contract of Sale Car Sell Document Receipt

  • Disadvantages:
    - Some providers charge a Starting or registration fee
    - With some providers this is Free kilometer flat rate sehr niedrig
    - the car is no propertybut only rented
    - Some providers restrict them Annual mileage one or one minimum age ahead
    - With the pre-configured vehicles no change is also possible
    - The conclusion is usually with a negative Schufa not possible
    - partly they are Costs Quite high
    - Recalculations at Damage can apply "back

Accident scratch expert opinion

This should be taken into account with the car subscription

There are already some providers who offer car subscriptions. They are different in theirs Vehicle offer, the respective waiting perioduntil the vehicle can be received as well as in their notice periods. In addition, there are different pricing models. As soon as the right offer has been found, it is definitely worth reading the terms of the contract carefully. The most important points include:

  • How many Kilometer can you drive?
  • Is the car already insured or is there one excess?
  • Must be Bail be deposited?
  • How do they see Exchange modalities out?
  • Must be the vehicle picked up will it be (if so, where?) or will it be delivered?

The offers sometimes differ drastically from each other. A thorough comparison is therefore always recommended. "back

Leasing return end of car mileage

For whom is a car subscription worthwhile?

The car subscription is an interesting option if a new car should be driven over a manageable period of time and you own the car don't want to own. For many subscribers, it is critical that they sign up no thoughts to have to do the service, the registration of the vehicle, necessary repairs or the subsequent sale. So it is ultimately with no expensive surprises to be expected. Because the monthly installment already includes the maintenance costs and the loss of value plays a role not matter. The subscription model is also worthwhile for all motorists who would like to drive a completely different model from time to time instead of being tied to a specific car for a longer period of time. "back

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