Friday, April 12, 2024

MV Agusta Motor SpA

The manufacturer MV Agusta Motor SpA is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer and is based in Schiranna, a district of Varese. The renowned Italian aircraft manufacturer Agusta had already started producing motorcycles after the death of its founder (Count Giovanni Agusta) in 1927. And after the Second World War, motorcycle production was founded in 1945 as an independent company by son Domenico Agusta in Samarate under the name "Meccanica Verghera Agusta". The first motorcycle was the "98", which should actually be called the Vespa 98. Since this name was already used by Piaggio and their Vespa motor scooters, the short version was chosen. In 1980 production was stopped due to financial problems. Harley-Davidson bought the company on July 11, 2008, but Claudio Castiglioni bought the company back for a symbolic price of one dollar in the summer of 2010.