The manufacturer Yamaha is a Japanese company. The group became known through the business areas of motorcycles, engines and quads. The first steps have been taken as a subsidiary. In the meantime, however, Yamaha Motor is an independent group. Initially, people associated the manufacture of musical instruments with the name. The Yamaha Motor Company's direct roots go back to 1887. Almost sixty years later, Genichi Kawakami took over the management of Nippon Gakki. Shortly afterwards, he ordered the development of a motorcycle. Thanks to the addition of the product range, a total of 2014 registered Yamaha motorcycles were achieved in Germany in 566.762. The first prototypes of the YA-1 motorcycle model came onto the market in 1955. The Vmax was created a little later. It should accelerate faster than older models. Tuning was not considered because the bike made the quarter mile in under 11 seconds. In the series! With an engine power that could almost shake hands with the Grand Prix machines of the time. Some models swore up numerous conversions, so that it is difficult to get an original Vmax today, for example. The tuning was primarily aimed at drivability and not at improving performance.